Monday, August 22, 2011

Binding Messes & Good Books

No, it didn't snow in my house, that would be the results of listening to your 8 year old when you say things like:

"Jayde can you put this bag of trash out while I put sheets on the guest bed?"

"Sure Mom, just throw the bag to me!"

And then you know, you actually throw the bag to him and the broken binder inside slices through your cheap biodegradable bags and the 380 plus pages you just ran through the proclick {32 holes per page} flew out across your poorly carpeted stairs & your lounge room floor. Yeah, and you know what I did?

I stood there and laughed myself silly while kids scrambled for a vacuum cleaner. One day, I'm gonna save all those fancy pants dots and make confetti eggs and surprise the kids and the hubby. All though between you and I, I think it would look better if the dots were all colorful, but why waist the white ones?!

It was a whole lotta dots, I'm telling you! Spread across 12 stairs and half the lounge room, not to mention stuck to our wooly socks while we tried to clamber around them to clean them up. Wondering what I was binding that was so big? Two of these fun things:

That's right I bind the Time traveler packs. I print out the introductory stuff {intro, book list, schedule, etc.}, the schedule, text pages, and project pages and bind it all up. I bound two of them up this past week, as we begin Colonial Life as we embark on learning more in depth about the colonies and those who settled there.

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