Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Binding Fun {again}

Remember my big notebook? Yeah, it was just too big and it was driving me insane! I hate D-ring notebooks. I know, I know but I do and I'm just being completely honest about it.

I find that D-rings make it wickedly difficult to quickly flip through your notebook. I found with the big notebook {I could only obtain one with D-rings in it} that turning any of the pages was stressful. Both on me and the page itself.

So, I decided to be resourceful. I pulled out our proclick and decided to bind up all the planning pages for our current courses. I hadn't done this previously for a variety of reasons, one of which is that the paper is US sized not A4 sized. My proclick is for an A4 sheet of paper. I can easily fit a US sized paper in it, but if I'm not careful about lining up holes right it can really mess things up.

The other problem is that my covers and backs would have been too narrow. Again, I decided to be resourceful. Before obtaining a proclick I use to pick up those $1 notebooks with clear page protectors in them. After getting the proclick I bound a bunch of those books and still had the notebooks. So, I took one apart and used the front and back plastic cover, but them to size, ran the proclick over them to put holes in them and then fed a spiral binding I also had on hand through the whole thing. Walla!

It lays beautifully flat so I can view both the Instructor Guide and the Student schedule at the same time.  the idea is that one fills out the student page for their child so they know what to accomplish within a week. We're not using these exact pages for check lists so I bound them right along with the IG as they have websites to visit on them and we didn't want to miss out on those.

I still have a notebook going for myself with goodies in it, but it's the smaller size which makes carting it around and using it so much easier! I'd be lost without the Table Of Contents to math items, weekly craft info, timeline pieces, our journal pages. I just like the ease of accessing them this way, a lot more!

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