Thursday, August 11, 2011

3-D Maps & Storing Them

One of the most prized books the boys loving is the Scholastic 3-d Map book. For just about everything we've learned about there seems to be a fun 3-D map. A handful of the explorers, piracy/privateering, Native Americans, Vikings, on and on. It was a great purchase for our school year.

The problem is the maps come in two pieces. You print them off, color them, cut them and reassemble them. Usually on bigger paper. The book suggests construction paper, but I usually pull out our no-fail 12x12 scrapbooking cardstock. The biggest problem comes when you're done making and assembling the map. It's too big and also has things sticking off of it thus making it complicated and difficult to store in your notebook.

I know I can take photos of the work and easily stick those in our notebooks. We've done that, but I really hate throwing out the boys hard work, and if they knew I chucked out maps they'd cry. Seriously. In fact my eldest would probably cry for days, loud huge heaving sobs of exasperation and desperation. He's like that sometimes. Point is, when you work hard on a project the last thing you want is to find out someone threw it away. So this time, I got a tad clever and came up with a solution!

We print off our maps as normal and then divided them up to color. We did a lot of reading last week and are working on projects this week. So the boys each requested two maps and I took the leftover one to color. In the above picture we've all ready assembled one of the maps Jayden has colored. Can you see all the 3-d bits? There's a Spanish boat that can move along that thick black line at the bottom. A group of Spanish soldiers at the top that can move on that thick black line as well. Then there's the golden temple on the far right. Assembled according to the instructions in the book and we'd have to squash it to put it int he notebook.

Here's a portion of one Morgan did. Don't you love that 3-d diorama at the top? He did, the gasp of "Oo!" once I got the city cut for him {I was using a sharp scrapbooking tool and didn't really want him to risk cutting himself..} was very fun to hear. Okay, so once you've colored your 3d maps and cut all the components apart glue or tape your map together. I prefer glue because tape is harder for the next step.

Fold your map in half. If your half happens to fall where you glued/taped it you'll find the tape is harder to lay flat after folding. Next, cut your cardstock to size Then glue each half to the map leaving a very small gap between the two halves. Look at the bottom and top of the map in the above picture and you'll see the tiny gap we left. This simply allows for smoother and easier folding. And it prevents the middle of the map from getting worn.

All most all the maps have moveable pieces. Usually as boats, horses, or people. We even had one with a moveable mammoth. Either way fold them and then instead of using adhesive use a paperclip to hold them together. I'm good for just grabbing a paperclip, but sometimes we do match them up with the coloring on the map. Blue for boats, brown or green for horses depending on where they are traveling, etc.

For pieces like the beavers and long houses above we folded as instructed and placed them on the map. You could glue or tape them down, but my guys like to move them around so we just placed them on the map for the photos. Other 3-d shapes, like the diorama in one of the above photos & the golden temple were only taped on side. This allows the item to still lay flat! For the temple we taped one side of the temple ensuring we could still lay it flat without damaging any of the folded sides. Place them on the map to check out what it looks like and to take photos if needed.

We took photos because we forgot to run copies of the finished colored products off the printer. This way each child can have a completed and physical copy in their timeline notebook. We do this with many things that need coloring so that we can work together on projects but each still have a "true" copy to own.  Now, to store the maps all you have to do is slip off the paperclips & lay all your pieces flat. Use the paperclips to secure each of those little pieces to the side/top/bottom of the map.

Remember the small gap between your cardstock? Fold the map in half that way. We usually fold with the picture out because it has dates on it and makes it easier to file. Plus, it's much nicer to flip through your timeline book and see the picture and know what it is and why it's there!

Slip each map into a clear page protector, we have a huge box full of them on hand so we're rarely without. We currently only store one map per page protector, all though I did consider having more then one in there. The reason we nixed it is because not all maps took place at the same time. Now your maps are safe and secure but can still be pulled out at anytime to admire or use. And can I just say this quick solution saved me a lot of tears! Now I just need to remember to copy them before sticking them on the colored cardstock!

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Amanda said...

Hello! My name is Amanda and I have been following your blog for about two years now. You inspired me back then with your "real" life school techniques and wanted to say Thank you! I started my own blog two years ago

We are loving homeschooling and its so fun to read others adventures as well! You are doing great! Blessings!