Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Secret Birthday Present

My mother-in-law is currently on vacation, which meant I had the perfect opportunity to work on her birthday present. A month or so ago I picked up a few embroidery patterns from Twinstichers with the intention to use one in particular for my mother-in-laws birthday present.

The idea wasn't to actually embroider it, all though I'm sure it would look beautiful done that way, but to color it! The idea isn't new as I've seen it done this way before, and the results are always beautiful.  Plus, much less time to complete the project in, and considering I only had six weeks to pull it off in less time was better for me!

It's really simple to do too! I just traced the pattern onto a piece of white quilting cotton. I cut it to the size recommended in the pattern.  I used a fine point permanent black marker for the job. You could ask at your local quilting shop or you could just pick one up from a scrapbooking store, either way it'll do the trick.

After I traced it, then I grabbed the huge bucket of crayons we had. I've mentioned I'm a Crayola fan and that's what brand of crayons we had, thus what I used. I colored heavily on the lines to leave a dark mark and then lightly colored in the rest of each area.

I did adjust the pattern a little bit to fit all the people in our family in. For instance, I found I needed to adjust the length between the stairs on the tree in order to keep heads from hitting legs and such. I also extended the basket that our family of four is in at the top of the tree. I reduced the size the family of two on the left are in, and I also reduced {slightly} the size of the basket in the middle/lower area of the tree.

After that the hardest part was choosing hair and clothes and colors. Of course, Jayden wanted me to draw motorcycles on his shirt which I promptly declined the effort of. It was a lot of fun to work on too! All though, I was worried about spelling names wrong because I had to work on some of them backwards! I also ended up adding the line Est. 1962. I just felt like we needed to add something there, and putting a pet in wouldn't have worked because we all have at least one dog!

I'll confess I had a trial run on this project which flopped terribly because of the need to adjust the size of baskets and placement of stairs on the tree. I wasn't too distraught about that, and traced a second one only to mislabel a family member! I couldn't actually fix it for a variety of reason and thus found myself tracing a third one. On this final result I meant to label my boys opposite of what I did as Jayden's the one with messy hair not Morgan, but I refused to do this a fourth time!

I absolutely love the end result! We've all ready framed it in a beautiful black frame, but apparently I haven't uploaded that final photo yet. It looks amazing, and I'm honestly really glad my mother-in-law doesn't come back until three days before her birthday because otherwise I'd probably be really tempted to give it to her early!


Angela said...

What a lovely gift! I love this idea, thanks for sharing. Your tree turned out really great.

Tracey said...

This turned out great!

Kim R said...

This is beautiful! Id love to do it as well. I have to ask a dumb question though...I see Mum & Dad as your inlaws, I see you and your family up in the tree. But how is the rest of the tree laid out? Since its not a typical family tree I just cant "get it" LOL We only have my parents, my brother and his son, my hubby and our 2 girls. Im thinking our tree would be way empty?!

Kendra said...

Kim the tree is laid out as:

My inlaws
Their eldest son & his exwife {their boys are on the tireswing}
the second eldest child and her husband {their four children are on the other swings}
The big basket is another son, his wife, all their children
The smallest basket is another of their son's and his child
then our basket has their final son and of course his wife and our children.

As for it being a "real" family tree. It's not REALLY it's just showing all their children their children's spouses, and then of course children from that marriage. :D

There are other options/patterns. Like a house, playground, swing set. I chose the tree because I thought it was sweet. I've been debating how to "downsize" it to make one for my parents as my family isn't quite as large either.. BUT you can add and subtract things all over the place it's really versatile.

Kim said...

Thanks Kendra! Appreciate it :0)

Kim said...

Thanks Kendra!