Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poetry & Laughter

We read poetry around here on a daily basis. It's part of our morning routine when we start school. Generally I read one page from Cheerio's Book Of Days. It's not specifically written for children so some days the poems can go over the boys heads, and some days they find one they really love. I decided it would be really fun to get a couple of Australian poetry books from the library {because I missed out on a few from the local shop that closed up} and read a page or two from one of them each day as well.

The boys have enjoyed a few of the books we've read, and today after a dental appointment we decided to pop into the library. Mostly, because we'd popped in the day before and got there a tad late and within a matter of minutes they were turning off the lights and locking doors. 

After finishing some math and spelling in the library {cause yes I made the kids do a little school in the waiting room of the dentist's office!} the boys were picking out books and I decided to peruse the children's poetry section and see what selections they had on loan today. I spotted Goey Chewy & other Junior Giggles & Dreams on the shelf and flipped through. When I stumbled upon a poem about sauce/ketchup and read it to the boys and heard sniggers I knew they'd have fun with the book.

I was right. In fact, we read a few over dinner and they kept asking for more and more. There was a whole lot of laughter happening over many of the poems. I have to admit the authors knew exactly which poems would tickle funny bones in my boys! There were also a few selections that will make great copywork for their nature notebooks.

However, there were two poems they asked me to read several times over! One of which was called The Marching Song and was pretty ordinary until the very last stanza which even had a few adults sniggering. The one poem that sent Jayden over the deep end with hysteria and nearly had us testing our first-aid skills when we realized his mouth was full while he was laughing was Icky-Sticky. In fact, he loved it so much he's decided he wants to memorize it, which will be cute if he can do it without laughing himself crazy!

by David Campbell

I love to get icky
and yicky and sticky
and mucky and gucky
and ever-so yucky
and sloppy and slimy
and grubby and grimy
and gritty and grotty
and perfectly snotty
and murky and muddy
and terribly cruddy
and then..
have a bath!

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