Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picture Study

One of the extra items I purchased with from Winter Promise was their Picture Study. It's not that I'm overly concerned about this particular area, but I thought it might be fun as art is a lacking area in our little homeschool.

The WP picture study is only done once or twice a week, and my boys are really enjoying it.

Our first artist was John Trumbull & we enjoyed checking out his painting Death of General Warren At The Battle Bunker Hill. I think the boys are enjoying this more because they know this time and place in history. They understand it's significance and it gives them a bit of insight. Jayden is especially very fond of this photo and requested to rewatch the Liberty Kid Episodes. In fact, we dug out the episode of Bunker Hill in which General Warren dies.

While overall I really like the programme because it's very simple to use, I'm disappointed in some of the quality of it. First off the book comes with the many pictures bound in the front, but the instructions suggest you laminate the pictures. I'd have to rip them out of the spiral binding in order to do so. I did consider this, but was torn on the idea so for now I haven't. That's minor really though.

The part that really upset me was that the quality of the picture was greatly lacking. Not only was it incredibly small, but it was dark. When we googled the actual painting for a larger picture there was a huge difference between the one in our book and the one on display in Boston right now. Compare the two pictures above; the top picture is from our book and the one directly below it is from Wikipedia.

Even still, the boys are enjoying it so we'll continue to use it! In fact, Jayden enjoyed it so much he asked if I could get the picture out shortly after Mr S. arrived home the day we did their first lesson. I agreed and located the picture for him. {See, now if I laminated them I could display the picture we are studying in our learning area for constant pondering until we were moving on to another photo...} Then Jayden proceeded to ask Mr S all the fun questions I'd asked him earlier. When Mr S. failed to notice the fear in the eyes of the fellow on the right hand side of the photo hiding behind the colonist Jayden was quick to ask him how he felt that particular man felt. It was very cute watching him "teach" the lesson, and was also a great indication of just how much he'd truly enjoyed the lesson.

So, if you do picture study where do you get good quality reprints of the pictures you are studying?


Dawn said...

Our kids studied that painting last year. We love doing picture studies. I like what I see of Winter Promise.

Jackie said...

I haven't used picture study, but my daughter does get a really good art study as an elective on Time4Learning. I will have to look into using picture study for this coming year.

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