Monday, July 18, 2011

One Man's Trash..

No, he doesn't really wear glasses. See, the other day while we were making a mad dash into the grocery Jayden found a the smashed pair of glasses {lens excluded} laying on the path. He was quite delighted with his find and promptly picked them up and tried to straighten them out.

Once he'd gotten them to his satisfaction he skipped off into the store with them proudly displayed on his face. He's easily embarrassed so I didn't say anything at all to him about them. In fact, at one point in the store I asked him to check how much watermelon was and when he reported back an insane price I suggested he clean his glasses and try again.

Next thing I know I hear him making "squeak" noises, and there he is rubbing the empty frames on his shirt while making sound effects to go right along with it.

He proceeded to wear the glasses into the health food store we frequent and one of the ladies he always chats with said, "Oh wow, did you get new glasses?" His response was so funny, "No, I don't actually wear glasses." She took it all in stride and proceeded to discuss pirate strategies with him while I located and purchased the needed flour.

Later that afternoon I was making a sponge cake and heard quite the commotion in the lounge room. I turned around to see what was going on and Jayden was wrestling.. with himself.. again. I found him sprawled out on the floor like this complete with glasses askew! I asked what happened and he said, "That naughty Jimmie caught me off guard again!"

Yep, One man's trash certainly is another man's treasure. And can I just add that when I asked if I could take a photo of him with the glasses on I worded it ever so carefully by saying, "Hey Jayder would you mind if I took your photo with the glasses on so that if you ever decide to get rid of them we can always remember how you looked with them on?" He laughed, smiled and said, "You can take a photo, but I'm never throwing these glasses away! How would I see?"

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alecat said...

How very cute! Such a practical find.