Friday, July 15, 2011

More Times Alive Fun

We've still been watching our Times Alive! videos & stories. The boys absolutely love them and actually request to do this. If more then a day or two goes by then they'll point out they've not gotten to learn a new story and really want to.

The other day I received an email from City Creek Press, where we purchased our Times Alive! programme. It was just an email to notify their customers that they now had a workbook to help keep kids busy this summer in an educational way.

Clearly it's not summer here, but I was intrigued by what was included in the workbook, and found out there was a downloadable version.  I'm not really in need or wanting a workbook, but for $8.95 it included flashcards that match the stories the kids have been learning complete with picture cues from the stories!

The download also included posters for each and every story in the programme! You have no idea how exciting this was. Think of it as a matching notebook page, I did. Considering the price was reasonable for what you were getting I took them up on the offer. Morgan and I worked together to assemble all the flashcards. {They also include cards for ones they told you shortcuts on finding the answers for, we're debating making up our own stories for those ones..} Then both boys and I sat down to color the posters. I was given strict instructions to color it "properly" and "nicely" coming from the kids who just made a notebooking page with Christopher Columbus colored blue... As a quick note the difference between the actual workbook & the download is that the full stories are included in the workbook. We didn't need that because we all ready have the programme.

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