Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mom's Chore Box

My kids aren't the only ones around here doing chores, and they aren't the only ones with fancy chore charts either. Nope, I have a chore box. We live in a fairly large house and keeping on top of everything can be tough if I don't jot down what I need to do or what I've all ready done. I use to use the wonderful calendar put out by Motivated Moms, and really enjoyed it. Then I decided I could actually just copy all those lovely chores down onto index cards and rotate them each year.

I separate them with those funtastic index card dividers which I picked up on ebay and my parents forwarded on to me {Thanks guys!} & I simply label the cards with: Week 1  Monday, Week 1 Tuesday, etc. I also modified some of the chores as I wrote them down. For instance, I put Sunday & Saturday on the same card. The chores are always the same on those two days: Vacuum upstairs, make menu, catch up on missed chores. Easy peasy. One thing I will say is that writing them down on index cards helps because I can swap the chores into appropriate months/days.

July is not exactly the best month for washing curtains, especially if you don't own a dryer. It's cold and wet and unless we have some fantastically warm days my curtains would take days to dry and valuable time on my clothes horses when I'd really need to be attending to people's clothings. Putting the chores in an index card box means I can just slip that in a spring or summer month for myself!

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