Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

We opted to celebrate the 4th yesterday on the 3rd. I splurged and picked up hotdogs, which aren't cheap. I was making bread at lunch time so I rolled sections of it into "snakes" and wrapped them around the hotdogs instead of fussing with bread buns.

We generally have access to watermelon all year round here and it was on sale this so we picked up a nice chunk of that too, much to our watermelon lovers delight.

I figured coleslaw was reasonably American enough to slap on the plates, all though the boys don't like it so they had carrot sticks instead. I cheated though and bought packaged coleslaw that was also on sale. It even came with a packet of dressing.

I spotted stained glass jello and decided to whip up a batch yesterday for the guys. I'm not a huge jell-o fan, and I'll admit that I haven't even really tasted the stuff I made yet. The guys, however, all scarfed it down. It's not totally sugar-free because I couldn't find any sugar-free blue jello. I did use homemade sweetened condensed milk and sugar-free raspberry jell-o though.

I attempted red white and blue drinks, all in one cup, but they weren't as distinct as the picture that came with the instructions. Maybe it's because I didn't use the exact same stuff they did? We used a V-8 strawberry, raspberry, & banana mix {before I realized it had strawberry juice. It looks like Morgan might have finally passed the strawberry juice allergy he use to have though because it's the second time I've accidentally given it to him with no adverse effects! Yippie Skippy!} The Blue layer was Blue Cordial, which wasn't sugar free. The "white" layer was sugar free lemonade. They got thumbs up across the table, defined colors or not.

We still have some sparklers to do with the boys, and our annual reading of the Declaration of Independence. If I lay really close to the heater and close my eyes I might even be able to pretend it's summer!

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