Sunday, July 3, 2011

Geography Fun

Boys Geography Notebooks

When we decided to change our curriculum for school, I didn’t have intentions of adding in lots of subjects. The beauty of using Five in A Row was that it really covered a lot of subjects at one time {Social Studies, Language Arts, Bible, Art, Applied math, & Science}. 
What we chose covers quite a few subjects and one of those is geography. We are taking the time to study American history in depth, and with that comes US geography. Considering the boys heritage I think that’s a great thing. It can be very difficult to balance the American/Australian “stuff” that I want the boys to learn without overloading them at the same time.
While I’m really glad the boys will have an opportunity and means to learn US Geography, I also wanted to up the ante a little bit with World Geography. I debated a lot on how to do this, because our schedule is all ready considerably full-- in a good way!
My kids have an amazing grasp on geography, especially Morgan. They both know their continents & oceans. Can list off, and point out, many major countries. A few US states. A handful of major landmarks & even the locations of a few mountains.
I wanted to dig a little deeper with them and know what I want to achieve and how I’d like to accomplish it, but getting there is another story. In the past, we’ve always learned geography through literature. We read about a place & find it on our map. We read up about the place if we don’t know anything about it. We might even find ourselves cooking something that would be considered traditional of that area.
Instead of finding one thing that can do this for me, I’m pulling together a few resources. I figure we’ll probably take a month per continent {or more for some} to read stories, investigate countries, fill in maps, do crafts, and make food from the places we study. It will take us longer to cover each place, and I’m okay with that, because we’ll most likely only do this once per week.
Here’s a quick list of resources we’ll be using:
The boys are really excited about making their own Atlas and using their fun new Geography notebooks. In fact, when we looked over all our cool new books and supplies yesterday the first thing out of Morgan’s mouth was, “Could we start school tomorrow!?” 

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