Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dictation & an iPad

I'm not a fan of ebooks. There, I said it. I love real books; the turning of pages, the need for a bookmark, the smell of a brand new book. I might have a small addition to books, but it could be worse.
I've always been opposed to an ipad. Kind of like musicians are opposed to people illegally downloading their cds. The way I see it is that with devices like the kindle and the ipad books will become extinct. 
Go ahead, tell me I'm over reacting. I won't be offended, all though I might point out the US university library who disposed of all their books and replaced them with computer consoles where students could then read ebooks. 
Ebooks are great, in their own place and way. I'll admit I own many. Generally I purchase them when the price for shipping the actual book will do me in, or if there's no other way I can obtain a book. I will also admit that I adore ebooks when it comes to consumable items or craft books. They are more ideal because you can just print off patterns of pages you need and then repeat for as many projects or student you have.
So why do I own an ipad? Ahh, because my husband bought me one a while back. It has dual purposes, I can easily read through the ebooks I own without scrolling and setting off a migraine & he can use it to create and sell apps. The upside to the ipad is that I can use our dictation book on it. 
Because we do studied dictation Morgan copies the passage twice a week and works on any words he’s worried he might struggle spelling correctly when not looking at the passage. Then, usually on Friday, I dictate the passage to him and he writes it all down from memory.

I picked up SpellingWisdom and because it came in ebook form I put it on the ipad. When he’s ready to copy the passage I bring up the page in the book, stretch it to fill the screen and set it on the table for him to use. 
Our ipad gets quite the workout during school times around here as the majority of our ebooks are all school related. Amazingly enough educational books seem to be the first books to make the big ebook plunge and many aren’t available in any other format! 

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Teaque said...

I would love to see what other apps you have on there for your boys. I can always seem to find good apps for my preschooler, but very few for my 3rd grade son. Maybe you could do a post on that sometime. Thanks!