Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Quilt Pillow

We're still here, but I'm suffering one humdinger of a cold which is making life rather interesting at the moment.

However, I finally finished the crazy quilt pillow I was working on. It's lovely and big and all fluffy and squishy. I debated making the next one smaller, but there were many negative cries about that. I xo need to make a few changes to what & how I did things, which shouldn't be too hard.

For instance, Im not too happy with the way I put the zipper in the back, but I was limited by the biggest size I could find locally. I may need to make a trip to the bigger shop, such a shame.. not!

Isn't it so big and lovely?! I'm thinking of making the boys each one of these and a fun mat to lay on when they are watching movies are for camping on the deck with during the summer. They love playing "camp out" on the deck all though they've yet to ask to sleep out there, but it's on our "things to do this summer" list. Yeah, we're all ready working on one of those!

I used just about something from every scrap in the scrap bucket.  Can you tell where I had to hand sew or top stitch pieces down? I think it's because of the shape I cut certain pieces out in. Which is one of the hiccups I need to workout on the next pillow. The two sample ones I saw in the craft shop didn't have the need for any of that. When I mentioned my technique to the girl she said it all sounded right. So, my next step was to adjust the shapes I used when I sewed them down.

Kinda makes you want to snuggle up on the couch with it yes? My mother-in-law made the other three pillows that are on my couch. My children, and their cousins and their cousins boyfriends, have all used those three little pillows for some massive pillow fights so the poor things need restuffing. Except I was debating making matching book style covers for them or holiday themed covers cause I'm nerdy like that.

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