Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colorful Omelettes

My family goes nuts for omelettes! In fact I have an eight year old who asks for them far more often then I make them, but when we have leftover meats or veggies in the fridge, or I really want to clean out the veggie bin I'm usually up for whipping some up.

Then again, sometimes just to surprise the gang I put them on the menu. They make a nice quick and semi light meal. In fact, I recall having pizza or omelettes just about every Friday or Saturday night growing up.  I haven't told the boys yet because they'd probably expect exactly that next time they visit their grandparents..

This was the selection for the day. Generally we use cheese too, but we were out plus two of us are avoiding dairy temporarily so we wouldn't have it anyway. The broccoli above was steamed, but the peppers and leeks are still raw. I usually throw them in the pan with a bit of olive oil before I start making the omelettes.

Whip up the eggs with or without water {or milk}. I usually do two eggs per person, or three eggs for two people and split the omelette in half. This works especially well for the boys. All though if they are really hungry they can eat an adult sized omelette with no problems! Once your eggs are whipped up pour them in the lightly oiled pan and sprinkle vegetables & other fillings on half the egg mixture.

When the egg starts looking solid {no runny uncooked egg} I fold the egg over and let it finish cooking for a minute or two. Then we just slide them on plates and eat. Or sometimes we top them with salsa and then we eat them. Even if they rip when being folded or moved out of the pan no one really cares because it all tastes good anyway.. See the rip in the one above? No one complained because they were too busy eating it!

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