Sunday, July 10, 2011

All American 1 {WP}

We started our first week back after our winter break with our new curriculum! There was a lot of excitement, and a little trepidation; after all, our former curriculum served us so well for the past six years!

However, we had a fantastic first week back and fully enjoyed using all of our new stuff. All though there were a few grumbles when we didn't dig into one of the most cherished new books right away, but it was a good lesson in patience for a couple of little boys I know!

We've learning bout Early Explorers & Native Americans. These are both very exciting topics for my boys. What's not to love about adventures and Indians? 

WP uses the Homeschool In The Woods Time Travellers, so we're enjoying using their Explorer pack for the next six weeks. This past week we learned about reasons explorers went on such amazing adventures and checked out some of the first maps made. I must say those maps caused a whole lot of laughter around the table too, not to mention disbelief.  We also made some spice cookies to try out some of the spices, and then the boys listened to me lament that I was out of Chinese 5 spice. Such a shame..

We also tried our hand at more knot tying. This little book is one we gave Morgan for his birthday. In came in an adorable tin with several kinds of rope and 16 knots everyone should know how to tie. It came in very handy when the boys wanted to know how to tie even more knots after our lesson. Of course, we also learned that one should not try practicing knots on the dogs legs, or on their brothers wrists, or on their mother's chair...

We also had an introduction to US geography this week with the two books above. There was a lot of excitement over getting started with their very own Atlas's {geography notebooks} and Jayden even asked if when he was done if he could give his copy to the library so other people could learn about it too, and if we did give his copy of his map book {geography notebook} to the library would it mean his name would be on it as the writer and picture maker? Yes, he was very serious! 

We also colored our first map for these nifty atlases too. We were suppose to copy the map inside the front cover of Kids Learn America! but instead I printed out these fun maps! The boys loved them and spent a great deal of time coloring them. In fact they requested a few extra chapters of How The Finnegans Saved The Ship so they could keep on coloring. All though I suspect it might also have been because poor Mrs. Finnegan might have finally seen a real iceberg and we had to know the outcome of such a situation. {Say that in your best irish brogue!} All in all it was a delightfully peaceful and fun week back to school! 


Michelle said...

Looks awesome! {I almost went with WP for my oldest} Happy to see that you are off to a great start!

Diana said...

Looks like a great week! We own Naya Nuki. It was a random book my mom picked up for Bug but we haven't read it yet. Good to know it's on a list somewhere! :)

Jocelyne said...

Looks like a fun week. I am strongly considering WP for Parker with a probably January start date. He wants to finish up the last several FIAR books first but then requested American History. He is hands-on kiddo and I think WP and the Time Travelers CDs would fit him perfectly. Though I will probably have to supplement with lots more books since he is also a bookworm :)

Kendra said...

Joceylne, to add to the reading you could easy peasy get the books suggested inside the Time Travelers. We own many of the books suggested in side of each of them so they've been pulled out for random reading. We also tacked on reading packs {books for the boys to read that match the time period we're studying} & SL read alouds {all though I didn't buy these directly from SL}