Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winners Announced

After very little deliberating we've decided that since only one of you requested the Journal we'd give that contestant the journal and draw 2 numbers for the planner give-away! Hopefully this last minute change of plans to the rules won't offend anyone, after all there's a double chance now for those hoping to win our planners!

As for the winners of our planners & journals I'm being a little less personal and using the Random Number Generator, hopefully no one will mind. We had a crazy long busy weekend and my kid are sleeping and they are normally our name drawers so I'm afraid the RNG will have to do!

So, the winner of our Homeschool Journal is Joy, who said:
"Would love the Homeschool Journal in US size! Awesome giveaway!"

And now for our 2 Planner winners that were selected by the Random Number Generator:

#12 is JesusChick13, who said:
"Hi I would love to win the Combined Modules in US size :) Good luck to everyone!"

#7 is Bonnie, who said:
"I would love to win your combined module (US size?). Thanks for doing this!"

 Joy, JesusChick, & Bonnie, drop us an email so we can get you your prizes! Anyone interested in still picking up a planner or a journal they are still on sale until tomorrow evening. $15 for the Planner & the Journal for $7.50.


JesusChick said...

Omigosh thank you so much!!! I really wanted to win this for my mom so I know she will be surpirsed when she finds out ;) My email is

Chareen said...

congratulations Ladies !