Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's On The Bookshelf

This year instead of just one book going around here we seem to have a lot of books going at one time. Normally this would be concerning and cause us to jump from one to the other without completing one. However, this year we seem to be plowing through books at an alarming rate.

Ordinarily I do one read aloud with the boys until we finish it and Mr S. will do a fun picture book {or three} at bedtime with them. That doesn't even include what the boys are reading to each other after they are tucked into bed.

Here's a few titles that we're reading through this week:

The Castaway Convict was a book I spotted at the library yesterday and snagged off the shelf. It wasn't next on our list of read alouds but, I refuse to turn away a good piece of historical fiction especially Australian Historical Fiction. We're lacking a bit with Australian History, and this one will fill some of that gap quite nicely.  This book is set in 1845 and about a child convict living in Port Puer which is a division of Port Arthur in Van Diemen's Land {now known as Tasmania.} Not only will it give the boys plenty of geographical work, it will also give them a taste of life in Tasmania during that time period. They are currently hooked, and there's a lot of mystery involved in the book as well as the historical value.

Ginger Pye is our current Listen Aloud, meaning we're listening to the audio version. This is a book I read as a child and knew the boys would enjoy, especially Jayden.  In this book Jerry is desperate for a dog and sets out to earn the money to buy Ginger. Once Ginger is home, mysteries abound and eventually Ginger goes missing. The boys were delighted to hear cities from the US that they knew in this book {Boston & NYC} and even historical places they knew about like Bunker Hill and the Old North Church. 

We checked Pigs Make Me Sneeze out of the library as well. We adore the books by Mo Willems and often take turns reading them to each other seeing who can make the funniest voices. The only thing funnier then Elephant & Piggie books are the Pigeon books by the same author. Our family has yet to pass a pigeon without asking if they've found a hotdog or want a puppy, and I'm thinking the pigeons are getting use to it because now they coo at us instead of flying away.. 

Jayden is reading Nate The Great on the Owl Express. Teaching Jayden to read has been a breeze, and I really think the child pretty much taught himself after listening in on all of Morgan's reading lessons. He also didn't have letter reversal or speech issues to deal with which means he progressed quickly once he finally decided he wanted to read. Most people are unaware he can read though because he refuses to read books to anyone but me, and very very occasionally to Mr S. I shouldn't have been surprised considering this is the same child who wouldn't let anyone hold him besides me until he was three months old.. he also wouldn't walk in front of anyone until he'd completely mastered it. I'd say it's because he's shy, but this is the same child who invites random people he meets to his birthday..

Morgan is currently reading a Jackie Chan Adventure that we stumbled upon in a local thrift store. Despite being a small chapter book it's loaded with descriptions! I was quite impressed with that when he was reading it out to me. I think the book is meant to be based on a cartoon shown in the US, but Morgan is unaware and just enjoyed reading about that "Jackie guy from those movies I've seen.." {Spy Next Door, Around The World in 80 Days, Kung Fu Panda, & The New Karate Kid} 


Kayla said...

Kendra those books look amazing. Some of them Ive never heard of however Im going to go on a search now! XOXO

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