Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Weekend Away

Last weekend we nipped off to "the big city" to celebrate a niece turning 18. We decided to make a mini getaway of it and spend the night at a caravan park because the festivities would be ending quite late and I wasn't sure I was up for the hour long drive back home.

I walked in our cabin and plopped our one bag of luggage down and couldn't stop laughing. Yes, it was really called a cabin and what you see in the picture above is pretty much all there was to the room. Not quite, but all most.

Thankfully we weren't looking for 5 star accommodations, just a simple place to lay our heads for the night. I'm pretty sure if we'd been after more we would have been horribly disappointed. I told the boys to pose for a photo and I think the only one who did was Mr S. Where was Jayden?

He was checking out the view from his bunk. He was tempted to take the tippy top bunk, but decided middle was best. Morgan is terrified of heights {has been since being an itty bitty} and gladly took the bottom bunk. I wasn't convinced he could sit up without whacking his head, but amazingly enough he could.

Excuse the funkiness of the photo.. After checking in and getting our beds set up I had some errands I needed to run before shops closed for the weekend. We thought parking in our town was pricey, but it was worse in the city. So after passing two of the new fancy parking meter areas Mr S pointed out a place to park with the old meter. I pull over, park and the guys all clambered out to deposit coins. I look up and I see them all rattling the life out of the meter followed by dazed and confused looks. The crazy machine ate the entire dollar plus worth of money they'd slipped in it.

First we hit the educational shop so I could snag Snap It Up! We're a big word game family, and I've been after this one for a while. I wanted a nice kids game for words. The only hard part of this game is making sure Mr S and I give the kids each a chance to earn some words. That said, after a couple of rounds they were flying pretty well themselves! The clerk was shocked that's all we picked up {we got the movie at Kmart..} and was convinced our kids weren't going to be impressed. Pity she didn't see us a few hours later playing some rather rowdy rounds and the disappointed comments I got when I said we needed to pack it up.

Next up we ran by Koorong where I was delighted to spot these two books on the shelves! I had these on my Easter wish list for the kids, but they weren't in stock at the time. The boys were excited to snag them as well and quickly decided who'd get which book. In case your wondering, Morgan snagged the viking book.  I was also was perusing the clearance shelf and had snagged up two books, but when I got to the checkout the lady told me that the clearance shelf was "buy two get one free" so I ran back and snagged this Bible for Jayden that I'd stood there for 10 minutes debating getting anyway!

This Student Discover Bible is very awesome! It was less then 50% it's original price, but Morgan was really taken with the timeline and real artefacts and items inside. It's got a lot of fun facts and "stuff" on each page! In fact Morgan was really taken with a page that showed a bottle of oil for anointing on it. Very fun, and a bargain price too!  The other book I snagged was a copy of My Bible Journal. It's slightly "fill in the blank", but more with "what this says to you" vs  specific answer. Either way, I thought it would be a fun and simple way for Morgan to start to learn to study his Bible on his own.

The next morning was miserably cold and rainy, but the boys made light of it by eating leftover Black Forest cake for breakfast while I packed the car. Then we packed it up and headed home and made it back just before the heavier rains hit. Which was nothing short of a miracle because it poured bucket upon bucket during the week hours of the morning.


Kayla said...

Kendra that looks like a wonderful trip!!! Love it!

Tracey said...

That does look like a wonderful trip. Your boys are getting so big.