Friday, June 17, 2011

ToothFairy Visits

There was a lot of anticipation over the very first Tooth-Fairy visit ever to our home. Morgan had been counting down to that glorious day all most as much as he counted down to getting his very first library card. Thing is, Morgan wasn't the only excited person about it. So was the Tooth Fairy herself.

The Tooth Fairy learned a lot on that first visit. For one thing, she learned that depositing a special prize for one child caused the three year old to be very happy for his brother but also to turn into a puddle of tears over his own disappointment that he didn't get so much as a letter.

She also learned that hunting down teeth, in the dark, under the pillow of a very wiggly child is hard work! So is keeping your tongue in check when you step on hot wheels, legos, blocks, and other odds and ends on the floor.

Five years later the Tooth Fairy position has been filled by Mr S in our home. The letter writing is still special for us though. Mr S often hates having to leave a letter and after this letter he often asks me to write them up. I had great plans of writing the children a story from the Tooth Fairy and at each lost tooth they'd get a new addition to it, but reality was that keeping up with a 5 and 3 year old, unpacking, and homeschooling didn't leave much time for that to happen. So instead the toothfairy often gives tiny glimpses into what's happening at her house.

Her letters always indicate some special way she'll use the procured tooth. One time she stated she'd use a tooth for a bookshelf, a slide, a tree house.. They were always different and always caused a lot of excitement. Jayden lost a tooth a month or so ago that was in rough shape. It was discolored and broken due to a fall he took at two. I was so happy that the tooth was out, but he was worried the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be able to use it.

So while helping him wash the tooth off and prepare to put it in his glow in the dark tooth {see picture above} I was thinking ahead to the letter I'd write. The Tooth Fairy wrote in her letter that the tooth was perfect for the pot competition in Fairy Land that she was entering.

That letter cause more excitement then any letter we've ever had. When the next tooth fell out a week ago there was so much hoorahing. So much more then normal! I couldn't figure it out until Jayden said, "I hope the Tooth Fairy tells me now if she won her pot competition!" Can you believe I'd completely forgotten that simple little letter? Oh how the boys carried on about it. There was so much chatting about it all afternoon. Had she won? Did her blueberry bush do well? What will she say to me now? It's been so long since I lost a tooth!

Well, the Tooth Fairy was glad to hear all this and so she wrote back telling them that she had indeed won first place in the pot competition. She mentioned how long it had been since anyone had lost a tooth and how she was glad to come visit them and bring them news about the pot competition. She also encouraged them to be brave at their upcoming dental appointments &, of course, to keep right on brushing.. Jayden's not far away from being done losing teeth for a while, and I must say I think it'll be a bit of a sad day when it happens.

I've saved every single Tooth Fairy letter, typos and all, and plan to put them in their scrapbooks for them. I've actually been waiting to see if either of them would catch on to the fact that it's just Mom & Dad because you see, I've even kept the sweet little letters Morgan would write and stick under his pillow. The one where he quickly thanked the Tooth Fairy for his presents. The one where he asked if she could come over for a playdate. The one where he asked if she could include a picture of herself. The one where he confessed that his brother's new puppy had chewed up his glow in the dark tooth and he wondered if maybe she could bring him another one even though he hadn't lost a tooth. She did, for the record. I'm all most certain he even wrote a letter after we had a trip to America and visited friends and he was so certain the mother of a family we hung out with was the "Real Live Tooth Fairy!!"

Yep, each of those sweet little letters is hidden away in the scrapbooking supplies along with the letters the Tooth Fairy wrote. The one where she wrote, "I hope you choke on your tooth.." and the one where she was apparently blown off course and dropped the parcels and told them she'd come by the next day with them. The letter where she told them it was so windy she wasn't leaving a parcel just a bit of extra money so they could go to the store and purchase the Beanie Kid of choice.

That letter caused the boys to wonder if Fairy Town used real money or if she had to stop at the ANZ to pick up our kinda money first. Which in turn set off an entire barrage of questions.. does Fairy Town have mayors? Do they have presidents or prime ministers? Do they have day and night like us? Is everything miniature there? If the Fairy is so small how on earth does she carry me such big packages?

I've never denied or agreed to anything. Nope, I've always answered with more questions.. You know things like, "I don't know, what do you think?" or "Wow, that would be cool!" I'm pretty sure one day they are going to open up those letters and laugh themselves silly.

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