Thursday, June 16, 2011

Times Alive Posters

I shared earlier that Morgan was using Times Alive! to learn his math facts. In all honesty so is Jayden who loves to sit in on the stories and songs as long as we don't ask his opinion on what a multiplication fact is. I figure any exposure is good exposure because he's not far away from learning them himself.

However, Morgan now has so many stories and songs in his head that he was starting to get a little confused with them and was thus making simple mistakes.  I decided to use Grab It to make a quick poster of all the facts he'd learned with their picture cues. He was delighted and quickly asked if instead of putting it in his notebook we could hang it on the wall where he'd look at it more often.

I agreed, so we slipped each piece inside of a page protector and hung them near the wall map, also buy the desktop in the schooling area, where he'd see them more often. Funniest part? Jayden has stood by and looked at each one and will say the story aloud. Which means he's learned just as much as his brother.

Can you see all the picture glues for what the answers are? There's a story, obviously, for each one of these clips. I chose to snag images with the answers in them, all though Morgan doesn't really need that because often just remembering the story for he math fact will cause him to know the answer.

Hanging these up where we could all see them caused more then just Morgan to stop and reflect. In fact Jayden was staring at the poster one day when he suddenly became quite excited and called Morgan over, "Check this out! These mice don't just have three tails each 2 mice have their tails shaped like 3's and the other one is shaped like a 9!" This was just one of those lightbulb style moments for Jayden, but Morgan didn't share the enthusiasm with his, "I know." statement. This was a bit of a let down until I said, "Wow, that is so cool!"

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Butterfly said...

The more you show of the program, the more I love this! Very clever ... how fun it would have been to invent it.