Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sweetest Gift

I don't usually take children with me to do birthday shopping. I did, however, pick up something I knew he wanted to get his little brother. He was very happy with the item, but kept pestering to know when I was going into town again.

We don't live far from town. In fact, at night when it's all lit up we can see it from our home. If we go right up to the water front we can even wave to the people on the other side, watch the emergency service vehicles, and make up stories about the funny dogs on the walk track over there.

However, we generally only go into town once a week. We might hit the local IGA on our side for milk if we run out {which we usually do}, but I try to limit our runs to town to weekly. Once Morgan asked for the billionth time I asked him what he wanted in town so badly.

A balloon. One I'd long since forgotten Jayden had requested for his birthday. There's a vegetable shop right next to our grocery store and I often pop in and buy a few needed items while the kids watch the shopping cart at the entrance. From there they can peer into the florist. This florist has those fun little balloons and Jayden has always admired the smile face balloon.

Morgan remembered and wanted to purchase one. He wanted to spend his very own pocket money on it. So off to town we went. The florist was so impressed with his generosity she gave him a discount on the balloon and then thanked him profusely for purchasing it. There were also a few eye winks and deep smiles as she watched him pocket his wallet in his "secret pocket" in his coat.

Morgan was so delighted with his purchase the first thing he did upon seeing Jayden was give it to him. Jayden was delighted and we were all treated to many antics from the balloon. When I went to sit down for the evening the crazy balloon was laying on my chair and when I removed it I was quickly told off by Jayden.

"Mom, you can't be so rough with my balloon. It's not a normal ordinary balloon. It's special. Morgan bought with his own money and you must never pop it on me!"  Clearly the gift was well appreciated.

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Tracey said...

This is another great story! So sweet! And you should be more careful with it. LOL!