Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Special Card

If you know us, you know there's a funny story behind this picture! Can I just say I'm not big on giving out cards for any occasion. It's not because I'm not into the sentimental saying inside or anything like that, it's because cards have risen to the price of $5 for the cheapest half the time! 

It's rare to find one under that unless you go to the cheap shop. Which means I often stock up when I find nice cards at decent prices. The card to the left is not one of them.

See, a few years ago we were down the card isle at a local Kmart. Mr S and I were looking for a card for some event, which one I can't remember, when the boys spotted cards the play music.

Jayden was taken, instantly, with a card that had a few hamsters on it that looked to be singing and dancing. He opened it up and it played this song. He rolled himself silly with laughter and wanted us to buy it for him. I declined and he asked if we'd get it for his birthday. I agreed to that.

Along came many other needs for someone to hunt down a card, but when Jayden's birthday rolled along the card was missing! He was sad not to find that card waiting for him and even asked if I'd forgotten. I told him it hadn't been in stock at the store, and each time we went to Kmart he would ask if we could take a trip over there. In the two years since he first saw that card our Kmart has yet to replace it.

That's not a huge surprise and if I'd inquired they'd have given me their own song and dance about the shipments taking forever over the Bass Straight. Never mind that it doesn't usually take two years. It wouldn't have helped. You should have seen what I had to go through just to get the kid a new bike!

Two days before his birthday I remembered I was out of wrapping paper. We don't subscribe to the newspaper so that wasn't an option, and I had no large rolls of craft paper. I decided that since the kids were all ready with their Nana to run off and get wrapping paper while I had the chance. Instead of my normal stop I ran into a newsagent to snag some. Unfortunately, I was unimpressed with most of their cheap choices and was worried that they'd complain if I tried to make a purchase under $5.

Having no children with me I was going to pursue the magazines and see if I could find any on our "wish list".  Before I'd gone more then an isle I'd landed in front of the card and decided it would be better to see if they had the long lost hamster card. They did, but they also had a new version that if tipped and turned just right gave the holographic effect of a real hamster dancing.  You should have seen Mr S and I trying to write in the thing at 11 pm without making it sing! 

That card has been as cherished as any of the other little gifts we gave the birthday boy. Needless to say there was much excitement and finding the card and hoots of, "You didn't forget!" and "You found it!" and "Oh, this one's even better!" 

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