Monday, June 6, 2011

School Notebook{s}

With our new school curriculum I spent a lot of time debating using my file box or a giant three ring binder. I was torn for a whole lot of reasons, and kept going back and forth between the two choices. I had resources to do either. On one hand having it all in one large notebook at your fingertips gives you the ability to take notes of any supplies you'll need without having to look through the files. At the same time, having it all in the file box means I can add in extra stuff, like our copywork papers, really easily. 

My mind was pretty well set on the notebook until I started putting things in their place. As it turns out the largest {widest} notebook I could get locally just wasn't big enough to hold everything I needed it to hold! Seriously, it wasn't. Which meant I could stop debating file box or notebook and utilise them both! 

I ended up decking out another three-ring binder. This was some scrapbooking paper I had on hands that came from one of those dollar stores in America. The sticker is the same one as before that I just moved to the bigger notebook.

Then I threw in some tab dividers. There's three different sets based on my needs. The first set are numbered and hold the first 6 weeks of our school plans/schedules. The next set are more specific to subjects like geography, math, copywork, etc.

There's also this plastic envelope in the Timeline area where I store our timeline figures needed for the upcoming school weeks. This time it also holds some parchment for the individual timelines the boys make that go along with the Homeschool In The Woods Time Traveler packs.

Behind all of that is a lined paper {not pictured, you don't really need a photo of lined paper do you?} are plastic sleeves to hold needed cds. You can see some of our cds from Homeschool In The Woods, but there's other cds in there that we need on a regular or daily basis. Sometimes when I know the kids will be the ones handling the cds a lot I copy them. That way when the cd comes up missing or scratched I can calmly say, "New Frisbee!" 

The very front of the notebook is this file divider. I love these because they are pockets that allow me to store a full sized piece of A4 paper in there. Unfortunately they are really hard to come by locally. So much so we only have two or three full sets which is a bummer because they only come with 5 per set. Anyway, I keep this one in the front because it has the weeks notebooking pages, maps, and other needed papers. 

The rest of the schedules are tucked into the file box. First I adjusted all my tabs. The monthly tabs were adjusted to say Term 1 - Term 8. The former weekly tabs were adjusted to simply say Week 1 - Week 36. {We don't school in specific terms or weeks. However, we do school for x weeks on and then x weeks off.}  Inside each Term are the needed weekly files. When we get to that term I simply pull out the schedules and put them in my notebook. Each week I pull out the needed printables and put them in my notebook. Super simple.

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Chareen said...

Love beautiful paper you used on the file. It looks so inviting :)

I am in the process of deciding between notebooks or lap packs? Actual books or sheets of paper added to a file? What's your take on the two methods books or folder ?