Monday, June 27, 2011


When we lived in the US my dad was great for making wooden toys and things for the boys. He even mailed their stick horses & wooden cork guns to them which get so much use it's a wonder they haven't been worn away into nothingness. One year, my dad made the most amazing puppet theatre for the boys. It was huge and awesome and amazing.

The boys used it all the time. They used it to put on shows with all their stuffed animals or puppets. They used it to play "restaurant" or any number of games. When they were done we could fold it up and tuck it behind or under their bed. And usually, it was only put away so they could use the large wooden train table their Poppy made for them, complete with 2 huge rolling bucket underneath that held all sorts of lovely train bits and bobs.

My children truly believe their grandfather can make and fix anything. In fact, when we told them we were moving this far Morgan, then 4 only had two concerns. One, would we take him to his grandparents house so he could tell them how much he loved them and say good-bye. Two, would Poppy be able to bring his tools to Australia to build them a treehouse. You know, even at 10 he still wants that treehouse, but he's hoping that Poppy can just use the tools we have here and that if he needs more maybe Uncle Chris will let him borrow some. They also ask about their puppet theatre which they miss.

Needless to say, when Jayden opened up a package from Nana on his birthday and discovered a tabletop puppet theatre there were a few happy smiles! It's not even an eighth of the size of the puppet theatre they use to use, but it's perfect for sitting on a bed or a table and putting on quite the fun little show.

It took a bit of Jayden to get into the swing of a puppet show so Daddy did one first for him, after that we were treated to quite the show about the Israelites and Moses. All though there was the addition of a dragon. The pirate sufficed for Moses because the sword became his staff. He got the idea from the most amazing Bible Story telling by Frank Peretti. Have you heard these? It's really well done and he adores the one cd he owns. {We have the rest on cassette and need to convert them to cd because we don't own a tape player!}

We picked this fun little theatre up at AgFest earlier this year. The lady who made & sold it had some amazing marionettes for children too at incredibly amazing prices! I picked one up for Morgan for Christmas as he's always, always, always wanted a marionette. Unfortunately, her website doesn't have the cute little wooden finger puppets we purchased, which is a shame as I had hoped to pick a few more up for the boys. {For those of you in Tassie they'll be at the craft fair in November.. which all most tempts me to go out and see if they'll have additional puppets for sale..}

The garden gnome was goliath..
Behind the stage are small holes that dowel fits into. Then each puppet can be stored on that, or if you have big grown up fingers you can also use the dowels to move the puppets around with. Needless to say it's all most as well played with as the big one from America they still chatter on about.

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