Sunday, June 26, 2011

Narnia Cake

We made our traditional chocolate birthday cake, but I use whipped cream for an "icing" instead of frosting. I figured it was the best way to give it a snow effect. We used some wooden trees on hand from a train set, a toy lion we had, a paper lamp post we made, & a wardrobe. We left the wardrobe ajar because we all know Lucy would never close it with herself inside of it right?

I used a half teaspoon of icing sugar/powdered sugar in a sieve over the top so the trees, lamp, lion, & wardrobe would look snowed upon. I had to add a bit of extra whipped cream where I put the wardrobe, and decided I quite liked it as it looks like a snowdrift doesn't it?

The birthday boy hasn't seen the cake yet. I often bake the cake and wait to decorate it until they are in bed for the night. I think it was just one of those funny traditions that started when they were little and it was easier to wait until they were in bed for the night. Then I spend the entire night in anticipation of them getting up and checking out their cake!


Jade =) said...

Absolutely wonderful!!! You did a fantastic job! He's gonna be soooo thrilled! Love it!

Dawn said...

So Wonderful!

Tracey said...

Laughing out LOUD at this cake. You are so amazing! My kids loved it!