Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Fun Book Finds

We visited the used book shop a couple of weeks ago again and stumbled upon some more terrific finds. Clearly someone in my town has great taste in books. A pity I don't know who you are, I'd gladly take all your lovely used books off your hands!

The Chocolate Flier is a book I've been after for a while. It's a true story about a pilot during WWII who dropped chocolate down to children in Germany. I've heard this book spoken about quite a bit by people who enjoy using the Five In A Row Curriculum, but our library never had. So imagine our delight when we found it!

It's broken down into three sections inside. A little bit about the war, a bit about the pilot, and a bit about the actual event. Gobs of real photos which enthralled the boys to no end. Of course it didn't completely cure their curiosity as to why the world was at war, but we'll be covering that part next year anyway.

I don't know if it's a boy thing or just my kids, but they are really drawn to true stories, even if it's a fictional retelling. So the fact that this book was true, with real pictures most certainly caused for a few debacles over who could take it to bed to read first.

I found these two delightful books which not only delighted me but caused me to ask a lot of questions. Like, who scored Awana books in our area because there's no Awana club in Tassie, at least not according to the Awana website.. However, these were two topics my children needed to hear and it was so fun to stumble upon books that were perfect for each one.

You know we love The Chronicles of Narnia right? I've been reading them aloud to the boys in the order they were published, and we trotted off to find Voyage Of The Dawn Treader again, to no avail. We did, however, find another full color collectors edition of The Last Battle. That's the same style we own of The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe. The pictures are beautiful, and we're hoping to obtain the whole set eventually.

The Wizard Of Oz is on our read aloud list this year, all though I was going to get the audio version from the library. Funny thing is, Morgan told me he prefers it when I read the books out loud. I'm impressed with that compliment because Jim Dale I'll never be, but wow I try hard. So when I found this book for $3 I snagged it so I could read it aloud. The boys are excited to hear this book as they saw two cousin's in this play a year or two ago. I was only slightly ashamed that my children had never heard of the book or movie. Honestly, I never liked the movie growing up.. not one bit!

How The Finnegans Saved The Ship is Australian historical fiction and I'm so eager and excited to read this book! We've recently been reading various fictional retellings of prisoners brought to Australia. The boys have gotten really caught up in the many stories and are amazed at such punishments for such small petty crimes. It's hard for them to comprehend the hows and the whys, but they are finding the convicts stories of adventure fun to listen to. I'm sure it helps that they are extremely familiar with many of the places mentioned in the books {Port Arthur excluded..} This book, however, is about a family who chooses to migrate to Australia, and takes place just after the sinking of the Titanic. Their ship also hits an iceberg, but their fate is much different then that of the Titanic passengers. The author of this book writes some fantastic Australian books, we adore her funny wombat books.

The Mysterious Benedict Society has also been on my list for a while. In fact, I planned to snag that as an Audio this year too, but when I found it used at a decent price I snatched it up. I've heard great things about this book from fellow homeschool mamma's and I hope it lives up to the expectations I've formed about it. I'm not sure why the cover makes it look "creepy" because none of the other covers I've seen for it have, and that's not the kinda book it's meant to be. My kids are slightly worried that I might try to read them a horror story though. {Ha, if they only knew how frightened I got watching The Day After Tomorrow with those wolves on the lose. I mean seriously! Mr S was snoozing away snoring like crazy and I had to keep poking him in the ribs while screaming, "But the wolves, where are the wolves!" Ha! Yeah, I'm not into scare fest stuff..}

Blackwater Creek is a historical novel about a family who migrainted from Hungary to the US during the California Gold Rush. They do not happen to strike it rich and their daughter becomes one of the servants in a fancy house to raise money. Turns out there's a whole series of books in the Saddle The Wind series including one about the Pony Express. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that book as we found the Pony Express fictional books very limiting and I wasn't very impressed with some of the words/language used in Jimmy Spoon.

The True Story Of Lilli Stubeck is another bit of Aussie historical fiction. In fact, the book is about a real person and based on a her diary. It also takes place not to horribly far from where we are which I know the boys will enjoy.

Last, but not least is Journey To The End Of The Earth. This one is about the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Because it's a Trailblazer book it will also have a Christian theme to it. This is the second one we've found used, and we'd love to pick up a few more of them!


Rebecca said...

some great finds.
Lilli Stubeck is one of my favourite stories but I never realised it was based on her diary!

Teaque said...

We are on the last book in the Narnia series {FINALLY!}. My son has loved them and I can not wait to show him your recipe for turkish delight. We both thought it was a made up food. Also, I bought him Benedict Society for Christmas, but had started reading it before I bought it so I HAD to finish it before he could start, yes mean mom. :) It took me forever just b/c I got busy with other things, but it was very good. I think they try to make it seem as suspenseful as possible without being truly scary. My son blazed through it and the 2nd and is begging me to buy the 3rd. I think he liked it ha ha. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I've been reading your blog for a long time now, but it took Turkish Delight to make me post LOL!