Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun Book Finds

The other day I ran to a local scrapbooking shop because I needed another sheet of paper to finish covering the boys geography notebooks. When we were done we decided to pop into the used book shop that's nearby and see if they had Voyage Of The Dawn Treader in a full color edition book. Unfortunately, they didn't. Nor did they have any copy of it on hand.

I did however have fun perusing the shelves looking for other goodies. You have to be willing to look through a lot of stuff to find anything, and sometimes we'll go in and not find anything at all, but this time we found quite a few books. We only walked out, however, with four of them. Then, the day my last conference session was "flaky" I went back and picked up a few more books!

The Gold Minder's Rescue wasn't on our list of books to obtain, but the boys love it when we read historical fiction and considering this book was only $3 I decided to snag it. The book takes place during the Yukon Gold Rush which we learned about last year while enjoying the book The Bee Tree. It also happens to take place in Alaska {kinda a give away, huh?} which the boys will find equally fascinating considering that's where their Uncle was stationed for a while.

The Return Of The Word Spy was such a fun find! Remember when I shared about The Word Spy? I really wanted to obtain both books in the series to use in conjunction with our English Lessons this year. To find one in the series was quite exciting! In fact I kept scrounging for The Word Spy to no avail.

Billy Crocker's Journal was another exciting find. I'm talking jump up and down exciting! This book isn't just factual it's loaded with flaps and pop-ups and other bits and bobs that made it really hard to put down. In fact, the day we found this book we'd just finished reading The Castaway Convict which was an amazingly good read. The boys kept asking for "just one more chapter" until the entire book was ended. At which point they wanted to know if there was a "two" so they could find out what the boy convict made of himself after he got his leave. I thought this book might help give them more insight to Port Puer & Port Arthur for that matter.

Here's one of the popup scenes from the book. The boys were impressed to see the line of dogs we'd read about in the Castaway Convict. This line of dogs was like a fence because anytime convicts went near them the barking would alert the guards. Can you see the two convicts behind the guard house?

The ticket of leave lifts up and you can read more information behind it. After serving something like two years for stealing a shirt Billy gets his ticket of leave which allowed him to travel around Tasmania, then known as Van Diemen's Land.

Our first week back to school in July we're going to be studying explorers! How To Be An Explorer was a book that was actually suggested in the HSITW Explorer Pack, but because we'll have plenty of other books I decided not to purchase any other additional books. This book is super cool.

The first page of the book has a letter to the reader.. I mean the explorer! My kids think any book with letters inside are fantastic. In fact they've worn out the library's copy of The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters.

excuse the flash marks..
one of many popups; Eldorado
another popup; Mummy's Tomb

Not the best photo, but we were excited to see Captain Cook mentioned in the book. Mind you, I'm not so sure it's a very flattering sketch of himself, but these things happen..

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