Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eight Is Great!

What's your favorite:
Cereal/Breakfast: Peanut Butter Toast
Vegetable: Corn & Apples
Drink: Apple Juice, wait I mean chocolate milk!
Toy: Lego
Tv Show: I don't really watch any, you know I don't really watch much t.v. But maybe Megamind is my favorite movie. 
Game: Snap It Up!
Restaurant: McDonalds & Subway
Book: The Fly 
Holiday: Eater, Christmas, & my birthday!
Animal: dogs, tigers, lions, zebras, guinea pigs, & hot dogs. Especially hot dog dogs, I love them.
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I don't know, I don't really have that kinda act. I wouldn't even try to change my name. I like my name! 

What is your favorite thing about each person in our family?
My favorite thing about Daddy is that he swings me around. My favorite thing about Mommy is that she gives me medicine. My favorite thing about Morgan is that he plays with me.
If you could choose where we go on vacation, where would we go?
Tasmazia, London, & Lego World
What do you hope to do now that you are eight?
Play Spyro maybe, but I can't really until I'm ten.

Ha, apples are now a vegetable, but honestly I'm glad he said that. I buy a 5 kilo bag of apples weekly, all though the last bag has lasted us a couple of weeks.  We don't eat a lot of cereal so he was thrown for a loop until I asked him what his favorite breakfast item was. I also go through three buckets of peanut butter in a month or two, and that's rarely from baking with it! I'm impressed that he doesn't want to change his name, but then again he thinks the reason he has his name is pretty neat-o. As for Tazmasia, that was his one thing "to do" on his birthday list, but due to a wicked cold that bowled him over we told him we thought it would be wiser to wait. Poor fellow. It's now on his top three vacation spot which is pretty funny because for years he's only wanted to go to England.

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Tracey said...

Happy 8th birthday!! I love the questions and the answers!