Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Box Day

Incase you hadn't guessed yet, our big box of stuff has arrived. It's often referred to as "box" day in the homeschooling community when one's homeschool supplies for the year arrive. Around here, we simply bowl the postie over in our attempt to jump him for the package to see what's inside. This time was no different. What you can't see were other goodies my parents snuck in the box {thanks Mom  & Dad}, like combination locks the boys were over the moon excited about. The Fun Bands you can see in the package are always a big hit too, all though I was seriously tempted to keep the Beanie Kid ones that arrived this time..

We're all very excited to start our new stuff. Math has all ready been underway for a while around here, but the rest of it we won't be starting until July. Ironically, it'll be July 4th that we start. It made me laugh, and when I hinted that perhaps we should wait Morgan was adamantly opposed. He's as eager to dig into all the new books as I am!  We honestly can't wait..


Phyllis said...

I would like to hear more about what curriculum you use.

Renelle said...

How exciting is 'box day'. It definitely brings out my nerdy side (along with Dr Who!) HA have a great day.

Kendra said...

Phyllis, I'll have to write about it.. we're quite excited and still have a bit of break ahead of us! ;)

LOL Renelle!