Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Quilt

We love books. It's obvious, isn't it? So while roaming the internet yesterday I spotted this book skirt which was inspired by this mini quilt. Both of which were charming to me, but it's cold outside and I'm wimpy and wear pants when it's cold.

The idea of a quilt was much more intriguing to me in cold weather too. I'm often the one complaining of being cold, I can often be found in the corner with my teeth chattering or hovering over the heater in my attempts to get warm.

So the idea of a warm quilt to curl up with and read a good book really struck me and I decided I'd make a book quilt based off of ideas from both posts.

After all, we'll be reading a lot of books with our new school curriculum, and we often curl up together on the couch to do this. Not to mention all the read alouds we have on our list for the year, or the box of the books each child has that they want to read this year too..  I'm not so sure this quilt is quite large enough for all three of us to curl up under without squabbling happening, but I'm not too worried about that.

It's more then large enough for one of us to curl up under though! Would you believe this quilt was made up of spare stuff in my various material stash? I have a whole box of scraps that I don't chuck out. They come in handy for all sorts of things from kids crafts to crazy quilting. Each piece of material the books are made from came from the scrap stash!

All but the tilting books were made with the ideas and measurements from here. I added in extra books and stacked some. I wanted it to look more like a typical book shelf with books stacked, standing, and tipping.

The tilting books were done with the method suggested here. I really wanted to do them the other way, but because I was tipping them in the opposite direction I just could not get the other method to work. It worked if I didn't add books on straight on the other side, and I just wasn't up for a late night geometry lesson to make it work. So, I went with the "easier" method.

The background is an old brown sheet I had that I simply cut down in size. I still have plenty of it left that I'm considering making some matching throw pillows for the couch to go with it. The titles on the books are the information you find on the edge of material. I didn't have enough for all the books, obviously, because I'd just thrown a bunch of those away a week or two ago! Such a pity!

the binding and the back of the quilt were a pink quilt I snagged from the local K-mart, because it was quicker and cheaper then running all the way to the fabric shop. I was also out of batting so I used a flannel blanket that we had in the cupboard that no one has used in a year or more. Which means the grand total of making this quilt was a whooping $5.


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Fantastic. Still amazing me on a regular basis.

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