Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who is Jimmy?

Do you have a mysterious person living in your home? We do. His name is Jimmy. He's been living in our home with us for 6 years. He's quite well traveled too because he seems to come and go everywhere we go, all though how he tucks himself into the car between all the other odds and ends is beyond me.

Jimmy made his first appearance one day when the boys needed a "bad guy" while playing. I've no idea what inspired the name or the funny little person, but ever after when a "bad guy" was needed or a "naughty" boy was needed Jimmy was always the culprit.

The boys have never blamed Jimmy for things that have happened around the house though. They've never blamed him for the missing items, broken toys, or anything else. That's always Mr. Nobody. No, Jimmie has his own host of issues.

He locks up stuffed animals with rope and handcuffs. He stuffs perfectly good toys into laundry hampers so they have to sniff dirty socks, or he makes naughty sounds when all the rest of the toys are trying oh so hard to snooze a bit. His latest crime? Naughty phone calls.

Yesterday, after a rather spotty day.. You know the type where chores aren't finished until lunch time, lunch is then postponed for another "five" minutes which turn into an hour or more. The next thing you know the entire day is gone and you're not sure what on earth was accomplished. So, throwing caution to the wind we went for a lovely walk on the beach which was a total mess with the typical winter changes that happen down there.

The boys and I were walking along when Jayden spotted a puffer fish on the beach ahead {I forgot the camera, ratz!} he and the dog took time to examine it while Morgan and were picking up a few pieces of sea glass when the phone in Jayden's pocket "rang".

Jayden sighs deeply, looks off towards the horizon pulls the phone out of his pocket and says, "Yes?" with all the tone and excitement or a person about to go to the dentist. There's a long pause on his behalf before he says, "Are you joking me?" Another long pause and then a spew of dialogue that went something like this:

"No, I won't do that! Because I just won't. Don't be silly. It's wrong. We won't do that. I'm hanging up now. Goodbye." he throws the phone back in his pocket but before it gets there it's ringing again.

Morgan and I were attempting to mask snickers as we continued walking up the beach when Jayden pulls the phone back out and answers it with a, "Jimmie you're getting on my nerves now! I'm trying to go for a walk on the beach. Yes, it's hard work...." and on and on this conversation went.

Suddenly, with no warning for Jimime, he slams the phone shut throws it in his pocket walks up beside me and says, oh so seriously, "It looks like Jimmie is acting up today!" I lost it. I mean I really lost it. I guffawed so loudly the people several meters away beach combing stopped to stare at us.  I managed to pull myself together long enough to hear Morgan say, "Typical Jimmie for you.."


Rachel said...

This post is just hilarious to me. Mostly because my boys have a boxing dummy in our basement that they named Jimmy. They always tell their friends that Jimmy lives in the basement. We started joking that Jimmy is Santa Claus, etc... I guess we aren't the only family with Jimmy around!
ps-I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work!

Ingi said...

We don't have a Jimmy - just lots of imaginary play. But that is just gorgeous! Drama anyone?