Sunday, May 22, 2011

These Things Happen..

Now there's a picture that's going into the family scrapbook. Not because we rode on the boat on that particular night. Not because the picture is so amazing we must save it for all time. It's because of the story behind the picture.

The sun has become incredibly lazy around here lately and isn't waking it's sleepy little head until after 7 am. This is putting a real damper on my daily walks. Last week I figured instead of trying to squeeze it in between school and other happenings the kids and I would walk down to the ferry to meet Mr S on his way home from work.

I informed the kids of my idea and they were on board. All though Jayden requested he be permitted to ride his bike. Morgan wanted to ride his, but unfortunately the poor kid was sporting one nasty wicked bruise across his backside. {He fell at the playground and got trapped under one of those wicked "merry-go-rounds" and was dragged thus creating the bruise..}

It's a 30 minute walk to the ferry, and Mr S is usually boarding the ferry at 5. I figured if we left here at 4:30 we'd have enough wiggle room for anyone feeling slow. I warned the kids in advanced so there'd be no last minute  potty runs, snack breaks, and water guzzles. We still left 3 minutes later then we aimed for. Did I mention I took the dog with us?

That's right, and our dog is use to running free on the beach where he does reasonably well. All though he's not an aggressive dog by any means he is a nosey dog. Which means he must greet each and every person and pet he sees with the affection of a rhino. He means well, we'll give him that much.

So off we trot down the road, only Jayden is feeling a little wobbly on his new two wheels, so it takes him a few minutes to gain his balance and master the bike. Unfortunately there's no council strip between the sidewalk and the road so I was horribly nervous he'd ride right off the sidewalk into the road. Then the dog spotted a cat and a dog and was so torn on which way to go he started to scream. Oh yea, our dog screams.

It starts out like this low moan deep in his throat and builds to a whine and eventually escalated to a scream. It's highly annoying and I don't tolerate it, so I told him to be quite. He groaned at me and attempted, very hard I might add, to convince me we should go greet these two animals. Morgan, on the other hand was annoyed that I couldn't stay focused on his theory about lego men.

We live on a very long road. You can follow it from the ferry clear up to the highway if you walk long enough. We live about halfway down the road or so. Exactly three houses outside of the main neighborhood. Which means that most people don't deliver junk mail to us, the council only mows the grassy strips once or twice a summer, and that we have no sidewalk until we get past those three houses and cross the road.

It also means that we're pretty set on following the same path Mr S would follow to get home. In fact we walked all the way up to the point where the sidewalk runs out. I've no idea why it runs out, especially next to a cricket pitch and major tourist area, but it does. Rather then have Jayden ride in the road we verified Mr S was not on that road and took a side street which is one block away from the chosen path. We hightailed it down that road and then checked to see if Mr S was on the origional path. Because he wasn't we continued straight ahead towards the ferry.

It wasn't until we reached the ferry that I realized I'd left my phone at home. I do this often much to the annoyance of my poor husband. He figures if one has a mobile phone one should carry it with them so that when one's husband attempts to contact them he can do so. Mind you, it does him no good when I'm grocery shopping because I can't get a signal in the shop, but that's completely not the point!

We decided to wait by the ferry to check with the driver to see if we'd missed Mr S, all though we were totally baffled on how it could have happened. As it turned out we had indeed missed him. At this point I realize I did have my watch on either so I snapped the above photo to check the time. Only to remember I had my ipod in my pocket and could have checked that way.

I told the boys we'd better hurry home before Daddy panicked because we had no way to get in touch. So instead of taking the same route back we went a quicker way which involved walking past a pub at happy hour. There was an entire gang of motorcyclists outside having a laugh and a smoke. I told the boys not to touch the motorcycles and we hurried past. Only, Morgan, our social butterfly, says, "Oh hi guys!"

These big burly men were so taken aback they gawked for a minute before saying, "Good morning, I mean good afternoon mate. Um, is everything okay? Do you need help?" I was just waiting for Morgan to say, "I've lost my Dad and Mom's making us go home.." but he refrained..

By the time we got to the end of that road, which goes uphill, Jayden was tuckered out on the bike. I had to pick that stinking thing up and carry it uphill. No joke there! I also had to carry it down the other side because I wasn't about to let him ride it down the extremely steep hill we were on.

It took us longer to get home, which might have had something to do with the extreme dark, me carrying a bicycle, and the boys theorising about what Daddy must be doing because we weren't home. We get home and I realize that 30 minute walk took us 2 hours. Charming. Only, I go to find Mr S and he's no where to be found. At which point the kids are looking under beds and in closets, because that's the first thing anyones gonna do when they find out they are home alone, right?

I used the more sensible route and called him. Apparently he figured we were out for a walk but after 30 minutes passed and we didn't return he decided to come meet us on the beach. Only, when we weren't there he took his bike up the walk path. When we weren't there he resorted to calling his mother to see if we were visiting her. When that failed he became completely panicked and was convinced we were laying on the path somewhere and that he'd need to call the police or the S.E.S. or any other number of rescue orginizations.

We told him to stay put and took the car out to find him. Of course by this time everyone's excited to get home and there's some great new theories in the back of the car going on about what we're having for dinner and how toasty warm the house will be and so on. Unfortunately I had to break that one wide open by pointing out two small factors. 1. We were not home so there would be no tea awaiting us.  2. We were not home so no one flipped on the heaters. There was much disappointment, and waffles for dinner.

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Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
Great story. I love those sort of tales that while happening are not great but the re-telling of are so hilarious