Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Stuff

Today's the final day to vote for your favorite blogs over on the Circle Of Mom's. Mr S and I have been having a great time checking out some of them. Plus, we completely admit to those people on the bottom of the pile with only a vote or two for casting votes for them!

I'll also take a moment to say, Thanks to all of you who have voted for Aussie Pumpkin Patch. Clearly you guys are some kinda crazy in love with our humble little blog.

And, because I entitled this post as being random I shall continue with total randomness.. I'm currently fighting the cold the men-folk had way back over Easter Vacation. Which means I can either breathe or I can do something. It really makes eating or keeping your fluids up a difficult task! My poor mil thought I was dying from the heat in her house when I popped in quickly last night. I swear, it was just my inability to breathe through my nose! And let's just hope I didn't spread my uncool germs with her!

There's been mounting excitement around here as our new books start to trickle in! In fact we had six packages arrive today and after ripping them all open and handing them to me I noticed the neighbors also order books from Book Depository. Mr S figures the post office saw Book D and sent it our way considering our unreal amount of packages from them this month. In the mean time, I feel bad that some poor person out there is wishing they had a good book to curl up with tonight...

We'll be sharing some our cool new stuff soon. Once I unburry the camera out from under all the tissues and butter menthols. Speaking of butter menthols.. You really must help us answer the question, "Do you eat butter menthol's like candy?"

You see, in my cold induced stupor I had to brave the shops last night to pick up some more cold medicine. One of the things I needed was butter menthols. Personally, I prefer the first signs one which have ecchinacia in them, but I'll settle for the regulars or honey centre ones if I have to.

Our local Woolies is being remodelled. No, seriously. I'm pretty sure they are capable of doing this on the profits they make on raspberries and bananas, but the girl at the service desk refused to comment on that. So did the cart return man. Anyway, there was no way I was braving the cold, rain, and remodelling so I nipped into the adjoining shop which is set up completely different. I could not find butter menthols with the cold supplies which is where I normally find them in Woolies.

In complete desperation to go back home I asked Mr S where on earth the blooming menthols were and he said to look down the candy isle. To which I replied, "What? What kinda fool sucks on them like normal candy? That's like taking a Fisherman's Friend when you're not blocked up." He shrugged and led the way to the candy isle where we discovered honey centred and regular butter menthols.

Unfortunately none of the first sign kind, but I was too desperate to go back home to care. Mr S says that people do suck on them like candy, all though he doesn't. The check out chick denied us a comment on the whole affair. So did the cart return bloke. Seriously, do you guys suck on those things like candies? They burn my nose way too much if I'm not severely stuffed up so I just can't fathom it!

For those of you across the big pond.. Think of sucking on a Halls Vapour Drop when you don't have a cold. I can't handle Halls if I'm not stuffed up either..


Tracey said...

Kendra, I have been voting like crazy for you. I guess today is the last vote.

Good luck!

Kendra said...

Aww, thanks Tracey!