Monday, May 2, 2011

Project 365: Week Seventeen

Monday, April 25 -- I had to run to the shop for laundry soap and got shoved down an isle with Easter items which were now marked down. Seriously people, the crowds are rough the day after Easter, but I was quite pleased to spot this Peter Rabbit bowl set {it came with a large cup too} as Jayden is a huge Peter Rabbit fan. It was marked down to $5 so I snagged it for Jayden.

Tuesday, April 26 -- I laid out some books on top of Jayden's workbox that he could chose from to read to me this coming week and Mr S thought it would be funnier if my chocolate bunny was peeping out from behind the books. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of it.

Wednesday, April 27 -- Ignore the poor spelling and laugh with me, will you? I woke up and found this wanted poster on clipped on the white board. Apparently a certain little boy had gotten up out of bed and knocked a pile of lego on the night stand and couldn't find one of his pieces. The sign reads: "Missing 2 legos fell from my bed. It's black. Looking for."  Complete with a diagram of the correct piece and one similar but wrong x'ed off. I had to leave the dinning area when I spotted it because I was laughing so hard.

Thursday, April 28 -- Cursive writing.. Morgan has been learning to write in cursive around here, something he's been super eager to learn. I started by teaching him the single letters from his name, and then teaching him how to connect them until he felt confident to write his name in cursive in Mr S's birthday card. Since then his name can be found on anything, but always in cursive. Thus is the case on the back of our car. However, his n looked a bit like a z so I showed him what z's looked like in cursive and then Mr S said that he didn't write his z's like that and demonstrated something that turned out to be quite similar to what I'd all ready written. Then Morgan drew a 3 saying he thought that was a BIG z, and I drew it facing the "wrong " way to show him that was a BIG e. I've no idea what the person behind us thought when they saw our car, but have no fear the rain has washed it all off now.

Friday, April 29  -- My camera bag. It was just laying on the grass and I was testing something with the camera so I snapped a shot. There's actually two pockets under the flap and a zipper on the back. Which is just the right size for holding a camera, an ipod, and a bit of change. You know in case you're out and need just those three items..

Saturday, April 30  -- Sheffield Mural Fest.. We had high hopes for the past week, but they all went awry when the guys were all floored with colds for the better part of that time. Saturday everyone seemed find so I loaded the gang up and we popped out to check on the new murals. We'd really hoped to get out there earlier in the week as the artists, Paul Scott, the boys had adored watching last year was back again. His mural is the one above and we were really struck by how life like each of the birds in the picture are. Unfortunately, we did not snap a picture of the winning mural because.. um.. well. Yeah, it wasn't nice. In fact when the word came out that #6 had one, the boys looked at it for a minute giggled and walked around the back before announcing to the crowd at large, "I think they hung this one up backwards!" My apologies to the artist of the mural, but it just wasn't our style.

Sunday, May 1 -- You've been Egged!! This isn't actually a picture I took, but rather the picture of a poster we printed out. It's miserable and raining outside and dark inside so I thought I'd share this instead. I found this post and couldn't resist egging Mr S's sister's family. We took the poster and all their Easter goodies out to their house on Friday. The whole way there I was instructing the boys that we had to be "stealthy" and act like "spies" so they wouldn't know we were there. The boys were concerned the dogs would bark and give us away and I told them that's why we had to be really quiet. So we parked a good distance from their house and then got out and hid chocolate bunnies and eggs around the yard. Then Mr S ran up and put the poster on their door before running down the street to join us as we hid behind a neighbor's hedge. Thankfully, none of their neighbors paid us the least bit of attention.. There was much laughter and searching as they discovered their goodies and we finally came out of hiding. You really should try it on friends!

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