Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pocket Knives

For Christmas Morgan received a pocket knife. Now that might not seem like a great big huge deal, but to him it was. He's been dying for one for a very long time. In fact the top two things on his list of things to own at the ripe old age of 3 were a library card and a pocket knife.

He got his first library card at 5 {as early as he could in the US}, but we told him he would have to wait a while on his the official knife. We did, however, buy him off for a very long time with a Bubble Pocket "tool" which he always called his pocket knife. It was reasonably realistic considering we only paid .25 for it.

While grocery shopping before Christmas I spotted a pocket knife on clearance for $5 and figured, "Why not, he's nearly ten now." It was not the best pocket knife in the world and took quite a bit of effort for the blade to actually do any damage to a piece of rope, but it made his day and he carried it everywhere! That was until the Saturday before Easter. I'd scooped up the kids dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and chucked it all down the hallway where they'd hopefully trip on it in the morning and think, "Wow, we didn't put our dirty clothes away again and we really should.." I can dream people, I can dream!

Needless to say my children did not have an euphony over dirty clothes. No, instead Morgan sorted through it all to locate his pants and drag out his pocket knife. In doing so he found that the thing had literally crumbled in his pant pocket. He was quite brave in not blaming me for chucking his pants down the hall, and instead said, "Guys! Look what happened to my pocket knife!" before glumly sitting down and saying, "It was a really good knife, can you fix it Dad?"

Dad could not fix it. He tried, but pointed out the broken parts on it had actually snapped and no glue was going to be of help. I suggested Morgan simply throw it out and that perhaps he'd be lucky enough to get one for Christmas again. After all, Morgan really wanted a beloved pocket knife before his grandfather, Poppy, has one. Poppy can pull out his pocket knife and, "fix anything in the whole world!" 

There's also rumour that he probably does this because fixing things can be so much fun. I also found out belatedly that they'd promised one to Morgan when he was ten. I figured I'd let them know that the pathetic little knife he'd obtained that never cut anything properly and had scissors that constantly popped out had bit the dust. They could buy him the one they'd planned to and all would be right in the world of pocket knives.

Only, Morgan was so utterly gloomy over the whole situation that Mr S decided to pick him up a proper swiss one via the local outdoor shop. I think Mr S was having second thoughts when he caught the prices on them though! He did manage to find a very basic one on sale and picked it up to pop in Morgan's Easter basket. When Morgan spotted it the first thing he said was, "What?! This one's red! So cool, all the real people like my uncles and grandfathers all have red ones! This is going to be so awesome!!"

We had to point out that this one was going to be much sharper then his previous one so he needed to use the same amount of care and so on. Of course he was unimpressed with the lecture but listened. There was no huge disappointment over the lack of scissors on the new knife, and there was a lot of laughter over the toothpick.

The only problem is, the new knife kept slipping out of his pocket. He'd get up and go do something and I'd be tidying up or moving things and there would be his knew pocket knife laying on the chair, couch, or wherever he'd last been sitting. It came with very little surprise on Wednesday evening that he uttered wails that his pocket knife was missing.

Apparently he hadn't felt it slip out again and was certain he'd left it at Nana's. In fact, he was so sure he thought I should just nip over there at 930 at night and scrounge around the house. I, on the other hand didn't agree and sent him to bed. The following day we retraced our steps by checking all over our own home, Nana's house, the beach, and Morgan even called a local grocery we'd been at to no avail.

We'd pretty much succumbed to the fact that it wasn't going to be found, until this morning when he came bounding down the stairs screaming that there was a mouse on the loose in the rumpus room {oh joy!} and when I asked him how he knew there was a mouse in the room he flung his arms up in the air with disdain and said, "Because I was putting something on the table and saw it run past the chimney and across the room!" Then, before leaving the room he turns around and says, "Oh yeah.. I found my knife!"

I was left with the image of a miserable wild mouse strutting across the room with Morgan's pocket knife in paw. Apparently Morgan actually found it in his toolbox of Meccano. Which really does make a lot more sense then a mouse absconding with a human's pocket knife, doesn't it?


Firefly Mom said...

Aww - boys and their pocket knives are so cute! Mine couldn't wait for his first one, either (he still carries it sometimes.) We had a similiar situation with his first knife always falling out of his pocket. The next few knives all included the clip so that he can actually attach it to his pocket! No more lost knives. :)

alecat said...

LOL! at the image of a mouse with the pocket knife.

We've promised our son a pocket knife for his birthday. I think it's time we got serious about searching for the 'right one'. :)