Monday, May 16, 2011

New Books

We love books. You probably all ready know that though, right? We’ve been enjoying seeing the mailman stumble up to the door with a stack of packages for us each day the past 2 week. 
I’m not sure which part the boys like better, ripping open the packages to see which books have arrived now or checking out the bookmarks that Book Depository includes with the books! 
So far we have 13 of 31 books from our first order. These are the books we’ll be reading and exploring over the course of the year with our new curriculum. There’s been lots of oohing and ahhing as we’ve opened up the books. 
In fact, when the boys caught the title of The Secret Soldier which is about Deborah Sampson there was quite the scramble over who’d get to read it. She was one of the many ladies we learned about in the revolutionary war last year that really struck a cord with the boys. They were both disappointed when I snatched the book away and said no one was reading it yet. Pitiful I know..
Just don’t tell the boys, but I’ve been reading through some of the books. Amazing, I’ve loved each one I’ve looked in thus far. I could ooh and aah over them for days, but by then the postman might have another stack of them awaiting me.

And just because I know someone will think I can't count, the extra books in the photo are books we all ready owned that we will also be using.. 


alecat said...

LOL! Yes, scrambling to open new Book Depository parcels happens here too.

Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
Oh I love those post days...sadly lacking for us at the moment.
Love to see the list of book titles though
For your info we have had some interesting books from the library....My Story - Historical Diaries
We have ahd Spitfire Pilots, Highway Girl, Viking.
Easy to read your boys would like them I htink

Kendra said...

Ale, we actually got another lot today!

Gae, Oo, we'll have to look for those books when we make our library run this week. All of the books we've been receiving go with our new school curric. & are based on American history thus far. I'll have to type up their titles though because some of them are amazing!!

Erin said...


Love parcels from Bk Deposit. We had a bundle arrive today:)

Renelle said...

How exciting I love it when the little red & white pick up notice comes in the mail.I rarely wait and run down to get the parcel. I envision a new bit of decorating at your place - more shelves? Hoe delightful to be excited about your new resources.
Blessings, Renelle

Kendra said...

Renelle, I did rearrange! Unfortunately, I'm no better off for book space and have all the history, maths, and fiction books laying on the "library" floor upstairs.

Erin, they are the best! :)