Monday, May 9, 2011

Multiplication Resources

Morgan has been working on his time tables quite dutifully lately and all ready has his 0, 1, 10, 11, 2, most of his 5’s and part of the 3 & 8 family memorized. I like the boys to memorize facts because it gives them greater confidence in their math skills, but I hate the whole drill and kill idea.

Repetition. We go over 1 fact family at a time. We started with 0 at the end of last school year, because there is nothing like learning a new math concept and then being able to admit you truly conquered it in a matter of minutes! However, for the rest of that week I quizzed him on his 0 facts each day. Weird? Perhaps. Repetitive? Yes. Did it work? You bet it did! I did this for 10’s, 2’s, & 1’s too. I ended each session with a “quiz” which had 20 facts from one of the above family’s on it. When he finished it I heard cries of, “That was easy, are you sure that was my math paper Mom?” Here are some of the things we like to use for daily repetition: Multiplication Wheels, Multiplication Snappers, Multiplication Helicopters {also a fun game}, Joey-Joey.

Games. We’re big on math games around here and multiplication is no different. I adore the books put out by Box Cars & One Eyed Jacks, but I will admit that many of their multiplication games are for practice once a child all ready knows the facts and needs to master them. This is great for speed and moving up, but not always for learning the facts when you don’t know them. A great resource for teaching multiplication facts without needing to know them would be these Multiplication Games. Number Ball is also suppose to be a fantastic resource, we don't own one, but we have used some of the freebies they offer: Circus Number Ball Chart, Number Ball Chart. You'll find great games for each multiplication fact family {& ideas, including certificates for mastering math fact families} here.

Songs. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are big on music and can learn a lot from matching things up with a tune. So finding multiplication facts set to song or video can really help get the facts to stick! Our favorite resource here is Times Alive! This nifty little programme introduces multiplication facts with a story followed by a song. After that they review the fact learned as well as previous facts learned. What I like about this programme is that it covers facts from 0 - 12 instead of just harder facts.

Notebooking. Nothing helps things stick like writing them down! Yes, we notebook for math too. Some things just go into pockets in the notebooks, and other things aren't. You can use the Scholastic Time's Table Mini-Books are perfect for this! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Scholastic has it on their website anymore.


Kayla said...

Kendra, Your kids have so much fun doing school!! You incorporate so many games into your day it can only help them learn in the funnest way possible!! XOXO

alecat said...

My daughter's in the middle of learning her times tables for the first time, too.
Games ... lots of games! Aren't they just wonderful?!
We've found Times Alive a big success here, too, as she's very visual.