Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Multiplication Fun

Have you ever seen these clever little things? They go by many names, but the brand we have is called String N Learn. We picked them up at a local shop where they've been on the shelf for ages. {If you live in America you can obtain a slightly different version of them from Rainbow Resource. I personally don't order from Rainbow Resource because I find they are extremely unfair in their international shipping prices}  I recall Mom having a much better set when I was learning my own times tables, but this set will more then do the job it's intended for!

The idea is that each one tackles a multiplication family, that number is in the middle of the piece of plastic. Down the lefthand side is the other factor. The products {answers} are on the right.

You start with your string on the left and take it to the left so that you go from factor to product. When you're done if you've answered all the questions correctly your string will match the design on the back.

The design on the back is just lines, so don't expect anything fancy back there. It's simply a way for the child to self-check their work when they are done.  Morgan has really enjoyed being able to use these and I like that it's just one more fun way he can practice his math facts!


Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
We do have these but also the addition, subrtraction, division and fractions too (I think that is all)
They are great if I can keep the littel ones form just swinging them around,lol

Renelle said...

Hi Kendra we have the multiplication set but ours are all on top of each other called Wrap-Ups. Handy size for throwing in your handbag or to play in the car etc.

Blessings, Renelle