Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Fraction Fun

The other day for a math lesson I pulled out the quick and simple fraction book printable from the Fraction Action pack we picked up a while back. It's one of the first activities in the book and I had planned to use it sooner.

I wanted Jayden to have a reference point for writing basic fractions because I wasn't sure he completely understood how to do that. I figured this little booklet was a good way to do that and would tuck neatly inside his math notebook.

We cut out the pages and used some 12x12 scrapbooking paper to mount them on. In fact, Jayden was itching to use my cutterpede tool so I let him have a go at it just for making this book.

We took scraps from the paper drawer and used those to make our fractions with. Notice the line on the half page? In an effort to help Jayden reason that fractions were an equal and even way to share things I asked him which square of sandwich he'd give me and which one he'd keep for himself. He willingly said he'd give me the bigger half, then proceeded to see if there was even room between them.

In the end, Jayden didn't really need help remembering where to place numerators and denominators; apparently our fraction game paid off for him! He did however learn that fractions are equal. We also used a bit of our measurement skills on the "equal" page. He wanted to make them be tenths and the piece of paper we snatched up just happened to be 30 centimetres long. Which means we also did some skip counting and dividing as well. Then, while I worked with the glue, because my 7 year old has a huge aversion to the stuff,  {Seriously, he will actually break down to tears if forced to use the stuff, double stick tape is his friend!} he cut the other section into unequal tenths. There was much mirthless laughter happening and when I finally got to peek at what he was up to he had itty bitty shreds happening too. We decided to use only the big chunks so Mommy wouldn't have to cry if her fingers got overly sticky with the glue too..

To keep the book laying flat we did not adhere the pages inside the book. Instead, we paper-clipped them. This way he can remove them and spread the pages out for reference at any time he wants. Considering I have a lot more fraction plans up my sleeve for him, so I'm sure he'll get plenty of use out of it. Now we just need to work on posters/notebooking pages for addens & sums..


Phyllis said...

This is really cool!!

Kayla said...

kendra i really like that... kyle starts learning fractions next level(or when we switch to new year stuff) from mus this year and this looks like something fun to start it!!