Friday, May 6, 2011

A Key to Ponder..

I'm really glad this book is scheduled into our upcoming school plans. Ben Franklin is a well known name in our home, and to the boys he's like an old friend. I suppose, in that case, the conversation that took place in the car yesterday afternoon shouldn't come as a huge surprise:

"Mom, you know when Ben Franklin invented lighting?"

"Well, he didn't invent lighting, he discovered what lighting is."

"Yeah, well that's not really the important part. What I really want to know is where he got that key from!" 

"Oh, that. Well, I dunno.. maybe it went to his house."

"But, don't you think he should have been worried about it getting ruined?"

"I'm not really sure that was his concern when he was experimenting."

"But, if it was his house key, then what did he use on his house?"

{At this point an uncle who was with us offered a little help} "He probably just used a rock to hold his door. Or maybe he used his neighbor's key instead."

"What?! That would have been naughty!"

"Yeah, that's true it would have been. Maybe he dug one up out of the potatoes!"

"Maybe, or maybe he just used his carriage key..."

"Or, maybe he just had one made special for it. You know he went to the shop and said, 'Can you cut me a key' 'How do you want it?' 'Doesn't matter, I just need a key!'

"You know, he probably just used a toy one." 

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alecat said...

LOL! That sounds like the kind of conversation we'd have here!