Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crazy Quilting

I was recently in a local quilt shop and while admiring the gobs of over priced fabric I noticed two cushions sitting in a pile of other completed crafts. I was enthralled by the crazy quilting on them and when I pointed them out to Mr S {yes, he obliges me and tags along to quilt stores.. and unlike the children he doesn't ask where the cat is or if the clerk running the shop enjoys her job..} and he agreed that they were really cool.

All though he was drawn to the size and how awesome they'd be to use while he was watching a movie or laying in bed or any million of other things. My children were king enough to stop asking the clerk questions and looking under the tables for her cat long enough to state that they'd like one too.

Unfortunately it wasn't anything she had a pattern or any form of instructions for. Apparently they were very large quilt squares girls had made in a crazy quilt class and then transformed into giant cushions!

Honestly I've never done proper crazy quilting before and I wasn't completely sure about taking on the project, but I really liked the cushions and decided to experiment with it. A basic search for crazy quilting can turn up a wealth of information. Basically, you cut a piece of muslin or other light weight material and you sew the scrap pieces to that. Not all of them will be adhered so you'll need to do some hand stitching or lots of top stitching.

It's a great way to use up all sorts of little scraps of material too. You lay one piece down just off centre of the middle of your material and sew it down. Then you sew more squares on top of it, right sides together, and flip it over to attach the next. I'm not sure that's super clear, but I will admit it's pretty simple. You can't really go wrong because you're just putting all different sizes and shapes on.

The pinned pieces are the ones I still need to sew down or top stitch. For now I'm going with the hand sewing, but I must admit I'm more of a top stitch person so I can finish the project up quickly. I know, a bit naughty but I'm just being honest! I'm eager to finish sewing the top together so I can finish sewing it into a pillow. I still need to take the strips of red off from around the edge as I'm not happy with them and didn't have enough to back it anyway. Alas..

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