Thursday, May 12, 2011

Choosing Read Alouds

Do you compile a list of books you’d like to read aloud to your children? I usually have a mental running list of the books I hope to read to the boys. Usually books I remember being read to me or that I once read and have very fond memories of. 
The problem is, I can get really carried away when it comes to books. This isn’t a great shock to my family. In fact Mr S often refers to me as a book snob, in the most loving way possible of course. Choosing just one book can be a really difficult task! I’ve often found myself debating reading the next in the series or diverting for a while and reading another book that I’m just itching to share with the kids.
The side effect of such muddleheaded nonsense {oh I do love the word muddleheaded don’t you?} is that we can often get in a rut of choosing the book and never deciding! It’s a sad day when one is surrounded by so many good titles they can’t decide which one to read.
I decided to take matters into my own hands and made a list. I jotted down all the books I wanted to read in the now fashion with my children. Meaning, books that were on my mind and I just couldn’t bare to think of not putting them on a list to read like now.
Then, I decided that my list was really long and I’d need a plan to make it through all those terrific books just itching to be read. My answer was audio books. We all love audio books around here. I’ve often got a couple going at a time on my ipod, and the boys will request some to listen to while doing chores or traveling in the car.

We usually get our audio books through where we are members. After comparing my list with which books Audible had I then organized my list with the titles under Audio Listen Alouds & another list with Read Alouds. Now I can print my list out and stick it in my planner.  

It also gives me the ability to let both boys pick one book at the same time. One might pick audio format while the other picks physical book, then we’d swap next time around. But, it gets better, I was able to slip notes in about the books on my list. In other words, some of our books are historical fiction so I jotted down what period or event they covered so I could match those up to weeks when we’ll be studying a specific event or time in history. I’ll even admit that I’m guilty of putting little check mark spaces next to the books. Sad? Maybe. Overly efficient? Probably. Effective? You betcha!
After all there’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book, unless of course you’re in good company when you do so; and, the only thing better then visiting friends hiding inside the pages of books is taking your own real friends with you.


Ingi said...

So many books! So little time! I have a few books that are on my "must read" list, so I try to fit them into my unit theme! I am also lucky that my kids are massive readers, so a lot of books I would love to share with them they are able to read to themselves. But I know what you mean!

Diana said...

We've been having a hard time making book decisions too. Bug likes audio books while he's playing ~ but then I don't get to listen to them. I'll put an audio book on my mp3 player for me to listen to while cleaning, but I can't focus while doing other stuff unless its right in my ear.

I have a list of sorts on Evernote but I need to go through it and figure out what I really want to read and whats the highest priority. Some books are just better when they are younger while others can wait until they are older.