Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can Opener

When Morgan got his first pocket knife he was desperate to use the can opener on it. However, he couldn't quite figure it out.

During the holidays this past week I pulled out a tin of peaches to serve with breakfast and he asked if he could open them. I agreed, and then regretted it when he pulled out his pocket knife.

However, instead of saying anything I simply googled how to use it so he could finally test out the pocket can opener. I actually pulled up this video via youtube which was a perfect guide.

Then each of the guys took a turn on the can, and soon learned that using a conventional can opener is probably a lot easier unless you're on a push walk and didn't happen to bring one with you..

If you chose to use a pocket knife can opener you'll need to remember the tin and the lid will be quite sharp from the jagged edge all the way around. We poured our peaches in a bowl before letting the kids eat them because there was great concern over someone getting cut on the edge, and personally I think we've had quite enough ER visits to last us for a while...

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Anonymous said...

You get really really fast at using a pocket knife can opener when you keep forgetting to buy a normal one!!! lol Don't like those sharp edges either.

Karen in NZ who does love your blog :D