Friday, May 20, 2011

Bible Notebooking

After watching The Prince Of Egypt Jayden kept asking if certain scenes really happened in the “honest true Bible story!” He’d explain in great detail the scene he was referring to and I’d tell him the Bible version. For the most part the video sticks well to the truth, but Jayden was just not satisfied and felt that despite a hundred  different readings of the story that he just needed to hear it again.
I remembered that I had a copy of Herein Is Love Exodus upstairs and I pulled it out, much to his delight. I explained that it wasn’t a Bible, but it had Moses’ story in it as well as lots of other information for us to think about. The Herein Is Love commentaries are meant for children, all though I was worried when we first got them that they’d be too much. They aren’t. The kids love them and it really encourages some thought provoking conversations around here.

We’ve been using Grapevine Bible which had us drawing pictures on a timeline and the boys really love doing that. I decided to print out some notebooking pages for the kids to use along with the Exodus book. {I didn’t make any, I simply used some from the Notebooking Page Treasury}

The boys were delighted to be able to draw pictures of the stories and to narrate bits to me to write down to them. All though in Morgan’s case he often narrates the entire book and I have to remind him to stay on track with only what we are covering on the particular notebooking page we are working on. Morgan is always eager to draw his own pictures and likes to keep them secret until he’s ready to share them with us. Check out the snake in his picture above. He was quite pleased with it!


Penny Layne said...

I just came by your blog from the Schoolhouse Expo page and I love all the information you have. What is the Herein books you are speaking of here?

Kendra said...

Penny, the books are a children's Bible Commentary called Herein Is Love. I believe the author has done a book from Genesis up to Joshua. I originally linked to the Exodus book we are currently reading. ;)