Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sneaky Spelling

I have a terrible speller on my hands. If it can't be spelled phonetically, or shouldn't be spelled phonetically this poor child is sunk! I find all sorts of notes around the house, lists, letters, and more and while I find each of them sweet in their own way part of me wants to pull my own hair out at the spelling botch-ups I see.

I tried to explain to Mr S that I see the spelling botch-ups as a shortcoming. Not on behalf of my child, but on my behalf in teaching him. Mr S understood my point of view but said I really shouldn't take it so personally. I know he's right, but man there's nothing like working on a spelling world all week watching the child ace the test and then proceed to write it wrong on the next note he sends you.

I'm really trying to avoid a formal spelling programme. That probably sounds even sillier considering my concern over the spelling. Thing is, I clearly remember being a terrible speller too and having a mother who nearly tore her own hair out. I use to tell my mother I was going to by the shirt that says: "Worlds worst spellers untie" I still think the shirt is funny, but I'd like to think my spelling has vastly improved.

That said I was visiting The First Grade Parade again the other day when I stumbled upon her idea for Blast Off. Miss Carol's idea was to help her firsties learn their site words or high frequency words. I thought the idea was cute, and then had the brilliant thought I could use the same game idea with our spelling words.  Funny part was my poor speller thought the game was brilliant and the other one was annoyed he had to write his spelling words that many times on his paper. He was even more cross when he "lost" and didn't get to shout out Blast Off! first.

That said, the game is perfect for the what it's intended for and my poor speller aced hi spelling words the following day orally. I then said, "Great, now I don't want to see those words misspelled again!" We'll see how he holds up with a game of Scrabble or Bananagrams and those secret notes he loved to send to all of us. In the mean time, I think my photographic memory child will be excused from this game because otherwise I'll probably have tears when I pull it out! Either that or I'll have to remake the game board so one would only have to write the words 6x instead of 12.

In the mean time I'm also considering the Natural Speller book by Kathryn Stout to go along with Spelling Wisdom. Which is just one of the changes we're making around here..

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