Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resurrection Set

We've been a bit slack with Easter celebrations around here. Who knew picking out new curriculum could be so exhausting!  On top of that, Easter has taken me completely by surprise this year. Weird, huh? See Mr S tends to share his birthday weekend with Easter Weekend, and when he doesn't one of his brothers does. To have neither of them share it has just been really weird!

In fact, in Tasmania Easter Monday is shared with ANZAC Day which is even crazier!  Don't get me wrong, we're still very aware Easter is upon us there's been a lot of chatter about it. In fact, our school Bible lessons have lined up perfectly with Easter and we've been studying the events that lead us right up to the reason we choose to celebrate Easter.

This morning after typing lessons {can I call it typing lessons when I sit a child in front of the computer with a typing game and have them do a "lesson"?} we decided to watch an episode or two of Cyberchase after our big discussions about division, multiplication, and tangagrams on the beach this morning. While the boys were watching, I decided to see if I could scrounge up a couple of simple and quick Easter crafts to do over the next few days.

I was in luck! I found this simple printable Resurrection Set that took us all of 10 minutes to print, round up cardboard tubes for and assemble. Okay, so it might have taken more then 10 minutes when we realized we were one tube short. I mean, really we were. I was very tempted to run to my mother-in-laws and ask for an extra one, but in the end we made due without.

Morgan had a blast putting this together while Jayden watched from afar. When glue is involved Jayden normally gives it a wide birth. Funny part was, we were using tape and not glue, but it took him a bit too long to cash on on this. Like the orange box? We didn't have an empty tissue box {bet we will by tomorrow, Mr S has a wicked cold right now!} so we snagged a cracker box from the pantry.

Honestly, my favorite part is the empty tomb. Such a simple craft, but I like the effect. My children? Okay, well, let's be honest shall we? They liked the dead solider complete with x's for eyes. I'd apologize for them, but really I don't see the point. I mean, after all, during Bible the other day we were discussing the last supper and where Jesus was foretelling of what was to come. Then we drew pictures. The idea was to draw a picture of Jesus thinking of the cross and my darling 7 year old drew a picture of Jesus complete with a thought bubble that had another Jesus on the cross. To make sure I knew which one was which, the one on the cross had x's for eyes.

Yeah, and that, my blogging friends, brought up an entire conversation about when you die do your eyes turn to real x's. Seriously! I could not convince him that when a person dies there eyes stay normal and because we close their eyes the person tends to just look like they are sleeping. To which Jayden said, "Yeah, then they sit up and say things like, 'tricked you!'" Mr S choked on his veggies again and was rewarded with children thumping him on the back..

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