Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365: Weeks 12, 13, 14

We're a bit behind on our Project 365 photos, so I'm combining photos from the past three weeks. There are no dates, because these pictures cover three weeks and clearly I didn't take a photo each day, but I couldn't resist sharing them all the same. Enjoy.

Maple Cranberry cookies. I'd made the guys more chocolate cookies of one sort or another {Midnight Chocolate Cookies I believe they are called} and I couldn't eat them because they were chocolatey! So I made some Maple cookies that were meant to have pecans in them. I omitted the nuts and chopped up some of the leftover dried cranberries. They were yummy.

After another rousing round of Doubles Concentration {which works for 2 times family} I gave the boys fact sheets. I was more amused at what my child wrote in the "Teacher" section then that he got all the problems right in his best time ever. Seriously, it cracked me up and I had to snap a photo of it. And I've no idea why he wrote his initials. He does that on any paper calling for his name, I find it equally funny.

Honestly, I'm not sure if this was Tuesday or another day.. We had some funky rainy weather, but mostly it was just grey and miserable and a very fine rain was falling. The boys and I put on raincoats and boots and went down to the beach for our morning walk anyway. The wind was so fierce check out how it's lifting the water up out of the waves! It was amazing, until the fog rolled in and completely engulfed us on the beach and one poor child started to panic. By lunch time the sun was out..

Not the best photo ever, but I found another sea marble! The boys and I went down to the beach for a nature walk one afternoon and there it was sitting on the edge of the tide pool. I was so giddy with excitement I didn't see the rock Jayden flung and proceeded to hobble in pain after it connected with my ankle.

I've no idea what happened to the supermarket, it's not one we frequent much, but it's in the same carpark as the one we do frequent. I'd been in town earlier and it had been fine, but when we returned to pick up three things I forgot that was the site we saw. There were a few curious employees walking up to the shop staring at it as much as we were and police parked along the side of the road keeping an eye on things.

Can walk talk mayo for a moment? Indulge me, won't you? Something I didn't adjust to when we moved to Australia was condiments. Weird, but true. Mayonnaise is not suppose to be sweet. Really, people, I promise you, it's not! I found ever mayo we tried sweeter then the one before it. I tried making my own and while it looked right it seemed to oily for my taste{s}. Eventually I found Paul Newmans which comes in a tiny jar and costs a fortune {$5+}, and then I noticed the shop starting carrying two other brands. One slightly more expensive then the other. One of these brands was called Best and had the blue Hellmann's ribbon on it, I was really excited that day! Then, a week ago while making a last minute stop at the shop I spotted an honest to goodness jar of HellMann's mayo on the shelf. I snatched it up so fast I had not only Mr S gawking at me but the other shoppers too. I nearly danced to the checkout singing, "It's Hellmann's!" I couldn't resist snapping a photo!

Blurry tomatoes, and a semi focused purple onion from sandwiches we were having one night for dinner. Never take photos when the charming boy figures at it decide to start shaking it as they do the ritual "hurry up and feed me" dance.

I have no idea what game they were playing on that machine, but I thought it was quite amusing that Morgan was using a Fiddle Stick {think pick up sticks} to play it with. The machine is quite old {we bought it just before we left the US for everyone to use on the trip over} and the pen no longer stays in place which means it's always missing. The hinge on the cover is half broken too so it kinda flops. Mr S was quite delighted when he got a brand new one for Christmas last year.

Remember the Narnia cake we made? I left my camera on the counter to get out the cream before the men folk had a heart attack and I come back to find this picture on my camera. There was also a few freakish close-ups of various people's eyeballs and other such oddities. Never leave your camera unattended in my home. Seriously people, or you're going to find this sorta stuff on it. Ask Nana, she made that mistake a few times...

The other morning Jayden woke up with a blister on his nose. I wasn't sure if he'd been bit or what but I asked him to put Aloe on it. He wasn't awake enough to be interested until I said, "I'm worried that if you don't put aloe on it that it will get infected and then your poor nose might fall off!" He promptly disappeared and when I turned around to give him breakfast I nearly dropped the bowl! I could not contain my laughter while taking the photo. I must say though, the green aloe brings out the green in his eyes. He and I both have funny eyes and their color depends on what we're wearing..

Another grainy photo, my camera settings were messed up for most of these photos.. Mr S surprised me with flowers when he got home from work a few days ago and this one blossomed overnight! Talk about huge and amazing!! There's another one just like it which was only barely open in the picture, and a third one that's not opened yet. We're curious to see if it will..


Angela said...

Ooohh Fresh red tomatoes and Hellman's mayo...I'm getting hungry!

Tracey said...

Great photos! I really like the one of Mr. S and the Tasmanian apple juice!

Kendra said...

lol Tracey, the place that makes that juice is just around the corner from us. It's super yummy juice too and once you drink it you'll never be able to drink the other kind of aj again!