Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Project 365: Week Sixteen

Monday, April 18 --  I opened the fridge to pull out veggies for dinner and found that plate in there with one, yes one!, lone cucumber on it. Did you notice there are 2 spoons on the plate as well? When I quizzed the kids about it Jayden informed me he'd been too full to eat his last cucumber so he'd stashed it in there for later.

Tuesday, April 19 --  School supplies stacked on the table for Bible, our first subject of the day. I succumbed to a cup of cranberry, strawberry, raspberry herbal tea because  I was ridiculously cold.

Wednesday, April 20 --  Afternoon snack time was an "empty tomb". The idea came from here, but we subbed different ingredients. Wheat biscuits topped with nutella, and a bit of lamington roll hollowed out for the actual tomb. The boys were a bit leery to taste the nutella after Mr S tricked them with some Vegemite many years ago..

Thursday, April 21 --  Some game playing before bed. Have you ever played Yahtzee Free For All? It's a bit different from regular Yahtzee in the fact that you can only "go for" something on the three cards laid on the board, unless you get a Yahtzee! This is always a favorite, and we love that six people can play at once!

Friday, April 22 --  The boys practicing typing for the day. We're using Dance Mat Typing, for free, over on the BBC website. I find it a bit corny, but the boys enjoy it and it does teach them hand placement and encourages their speed as well. Am I the only one noticing they both plugged their ipods in to charge while they were typing?

Saturday, April 23 -- Mr S's birthday gift from some friends. My first question when he showed it to us was, "will it really grow figs?" He didn't know. He also didn't know what he was going to do with it or how to make it Bonsai. Let's just hope this poor little plant has a more fulfilling life then the cactus he got two years ago for Christmas. The boys "helped" water that and well.. it is no more.

Sunday, April 24 --  Lemons stacked up on the counter after I made lemon curd to go in our Easter cake. I turned around and saw them stacked up and couldn't resist taking a photo. Mr S dubbed it "artistic", but then again he said that while laughing..

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