Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365: Week Fifteen

Sunday, April 10 -- Due to some insane glitch at the footy office they sent us a half dozen scarfs this year! The scarfs were insanely small once you actually wrapped them around yourself so I sewed two together for myself and another two together for Mr S. I opened a side seam on them in order to access the middle point of them. All folded up it doesn't look too bad, but I got hit in the eye about a million times at the footy match with Mr S's scarf....

Monday, April 11 -- This is a world famous Spiderman, and look at the things we do to him! My sister gave this to Morgan when we were in the states last time. He's all squishy and Morgan uses him quite often as "the bad guy". I found him all tied up to the end of my bed and have to admit I stopped to take a picture not ask why. In fact, my only question is usually, "Oh, what did Jimmy do today fellas?" I nearly took a photo of Morgan trying to untie him because there was a lot of, "Oh man, I can't get that knot open!"

Tuesday, April 12 -- It was freezing and wet, and down right miserable. I made a bowl of soup for lunch. Yes, one bowl. The kids weren't very impressed with the idea of soup and were quite content to eat left over pasta. My hands, on the other hand, were quite delighted to hug a bowl of warm soup.

Wednesday, April 13 -- This is what my countertop looked like after school. Everything seemed to make it's way up there! That Narnia book is one of Jayden's favorite and he's anxiously awaiting the arrival of our own copy in the mail. That pirate thing is actually a cloth napkin. I made it with the boys in mind, but I think they are more my favorite then theres.

Thursday, April 14 -- While washing up the lunch dishes Jayden decided to read to me, but I couldn't hear what he was saying due to the clanking and running water and other such noises. I asked him if he could read a bit louder and instead he climbed up on the counter and when I looked over I noticed he'd extended his feet to the stovetop. Never fear, the stove was not hot ..

Friday, April 15 -- The neighbors cows have started calving! There are two little calves out there from two different cows. I forgot to take my camera with me on the walk, so I snapped this photo from my bedroom window. Weird, I know, but I couldn't resist. And yes, that is the ocean you can see in the background..

Saturday, April 16 -- Some trinkets I picked up for my parents to put in the ever growing box of stuff we have to mail to them. Mind you, the Paddington Bear pen has been used by my children, "Just to test it for Gram-Gram.." hehe As for the flashlight.. in Australia the "little pink bunny" advertises for Duracell and this just cracks me up to no end!! In America Duracell's rival is Energizer and they use the "little pink bunny that keeps on going, and going and going.."

Sunday, April 17 -- The last flower finally opened up! Mind you, it chose to do it about 24 hours or so before the rest of them all dropped their petals and looked insanely pathetic. It was fun to watch it make the slow process of opening though!

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