Sunday, April 3, 2011

Penguin Cookie

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon these recipes that really struck me as cute. So one afternoon while the boys were playing outside I whipped up a batch, and despite the many steps involved they really were quite simple to make.

My plan in making them was very spur of the moment so I didn't even attempt to chase down ube powder. And, while those look like chocolate, they aren't. Before cooking they were a bit more purple looking then that.

I swapped the sugar for coconut sugar and because of it's dark color it's not great at being tinted with food coloring. Probably for the best as we don't use it very often around here anyway. I was curious to know if the ube powder would have better colored it or not, but I wasn't into running down to the store for my spur of the moment idea!

The recipe has you break the dough into thirds, which is silly because you only need to tint two-thirds of it and leave the other third untinted. I weighed the dough on my scale, divided that number by thirds and moved on from there. I figured it was more accurate then eye balling it.

Can I just say these penguins nearly went eye-less because picking out two matching little bitty circles for them nearly pushed me off the edge! I stuck it out though because I was pretty convinced that if I didn't a certain little boy would say things like, "MOM! You forgot his eyes!"

I was a bit exuberant with the beaks so this fellow is singing. The boys had a grand time with these cookies, until they left the box open.. on the floor.. and then left the dog alone. It was more temptation then Buster could handle. The dog then promptly put his tail between his legs and sat at the door until someone one of the boys said, "Naughty boy!" and let him out. Seriously, that dog gives himself away more times then not on most accounts!


Tracey said...

Those are so cute but are you sure the dog really ate them? LOL!

Genevieve said...

Those are great cookies! I can't believe you had the patience to put the eyeballs on.